Removing an attack of bronchial asthma in children?


Removing an attack of bronchial asthma in children?Asthma in children begins to develop at an early age.
Typically, these kids have relatives suffering from chronic
allergic pathologies. Parents should alert the following factors:
presence among the closest relatives of people with the same diagnosis, addiction
child to seasonal exacerbations of rhinitis, skin diseases (atopic dermatitis,
seborrhea, prickly heat, psoriasis), which are often diagnosed during

The characteristic features of asthma in children
(Hidden within, minor symptoms, the gradual development of symptoms)
lead to late diagnosis and the development of complications. Many parents first
take disease for conventional respiratory viral infections. This complicates
Treatment of asthma in children and
last stages of disease often makes it ineffective.

Symptoms of asthma attacks in children

  • runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, redness of the eyes: it is the signs, portents,
    which often develops after an attack of asthma in children, which can be difficult to remove without medical care;
  • dry or moist rales;
  • nervous anxiety: anxiety, disturbed sleep, suspicious motor activity;
  • wheezing, audible at a distance;
  • cyanosis of the skin.

The child takes a forced situation.
The main feature of bronchial asthma
children is the appearance of physical exhaustion after the attack,
nervous disorders, emotional experiences. Most relapses occur in the
against viral diseases (influenza, acute respiratory infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis).

How to help a child in a fit

At the first signs
developing asthma attack you must call the doctor. Sometimes
prevent the development of bronchospasm and complications are not receiving medications,
available to parents. Not all adults know how
remove an attack of asthma in children, but having a child with
disease, you must create a special first aid kit with the first preparations
needed: antihistamines (tablets and capsules)
bronchodilators inhaled in the form (you can use a nebulizer). These
funds can eliminate the effect of allergen and expand the bronchial tubes, preventing

It is important to behave properly at the moment
relapse. Try to stay calm, do not send your child
his excitement. Undo baby clothes, provide free access
oxygen. Open the air vents in the room, let the child sit in a comfortable
position (sitting, leaning his hands on the back of a chair or bed). Give your child
warm water, he should drink it in small sips (rapid breathing intensifies
bronchospasm and promotes dehydration). For relief of choking, use
metered aerosol. Even if with the help of drugs from your medicine chest relapse
managed to suppress, still see your doctor for
professional inspection.

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