Prevention of SARS in children - are changing the way of life!


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  • Prevention of SARS in children - are changing the way of life!Frequent colds in children - the result of secondarydecrease in immunity. Cases where a child is born with an immunodeficiency, are extremely rare. Flu and colds in children with impaired immune defense is more severe, complications, and a real threat to life. Secondary low immunity when children are born healthy and then become "weak" often lie on the conscience of the parents. It is not a lack of parental care and love, on the contrary, the case of ignorance of the rules of SARS prevention in children.

    What does the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in children? Preparations antiviral action, limit contact with the sick - is not bad, but not the main thing. Reduced immunity in the child - the result of the conflict of his immune system to the external environment, the lack of a healthy lifestyle conditions.

    What are the conditions of life to the flu and acute respiratory viral infections in children occurred as rarely as possible?


    In the room where the baby is, the air must be clean and cool (18 0FROM). In winter period central heating in the apartment need to use moisturizers, optimal humidity of 50-70%, dry air contributes to the spread of viruses. contact the child should be restricted to the odorous substances, they irritate the respiratory tract and increase the likelihood of disease.


    The best option - a separate room for the baby. Useful would be a thermometer, hygrometer, humidifier, vacuum cleaner with water filter. Toys should be stored in a drawer, a book - behind the glass. Before going to bed ventilate the room and wet cleaning, the room in the morning and need to freshen up.


    Sleeping baby needs in a cool room, withthe need for warm pajamas and a warm blanket. Linens preferably white, coloring negatively affect the skin condition. Wash clothes need using baby powder, not containing surfactant.


    Power of the child must be age-appropriate. Do not get involved in overseas products are less dangerous to the unformed immunity vegetables and fruits grown in the area of ​​residence, sweets should be dried. Feed the baby only need on demand, there is no need to make, but we should stop snacking between meals. It is necessary to accustom to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after eating.


    Baby should always be able to quench their thirst, but not soft drinks, and plain drinking water, juice, tea or fruit compote. Warm - room.


    On the street you should dress for the weather, the house - a little lighter than the parents, overheating - a real opportunity to be ill, as well as hypothermia.


    They must be of good quality, no smell, noshould get their hands dirty, do not have small parts and sharp edges. Soft toys - dust storage, they should be cleaned regularly, and in the case of an allergy - it is better to get rid of them.

    Walking and Sports

    Tiny need daily walks, classessports outdoors, active communication with their peers. For frequently ill child inappropriate Indoor Games and visit the public pool.

    Mugs and sections

    Visit additional classes - this is for healthy children. If the child is often sick, you must first strengthen the immune system, and then - a choir, painting studio or dance club.

    Holidays summer

    Parents mistakenly believe that the best holiday foroften ill child - is the sea, sun and sand, it is the basis for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in children. The drugs from allergies, food poisoning, the temperature is also reasonably take up space in your suitcase as swimwear and summer clothes. Vacations in hotels on the beach - it is catering, a high level of solar radiation, the endless violations of sleep and wakefulness, it is not for frequently ill children.

    The perfect vacation for sickly children - it is summer in the village, barefoot and in his underwear, fresh air, inflatable pool with well water, natural products, limited contact with the urban environment.

    Prevention of SARS in the family

    It is very important that all family members were vaccinated againstinfluenza and SARS that during epidemics the child does not go to public places, not in contact with patients. You must teach him to wash his hands, taught to wash the nose and gargle. If a child is often sick - it is often infected, which means that in addition to reduced immunity to blame behavior model family. Agree, it is better to change the model, than to stuff the baby pills and continuously treated for SARS.

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