Acetional syndrome: help and prevention


  • Acetional syndrome
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  • Acetional syndrome

    Acetonemic syndrome - the diagnosis is incomprehensible and therefore scary, especially if you put it to your child. But do not panic. After all, scares only unknown. With our help you can understand everything and, most importantly, learn how to deal with the disease and win it.

    Acetional syndrome is a complex of symptoms arising from the blood increase in the blood of acetone bodies (fat metabolism products). Acetone (ketone) bodies are very toxic. That is why they are dangerous for a children's body. The cause of the child's development of acetional crises can even be the wrong eating mother during pregnancy, as well as strong toxicosis. Kids are more prone to acetonemia and high, but leading peers on mental and intellectual development. Provoke an attack can overeating, unusual food, viral infections, stress. Do not miss the disease!

    Signs of acetional crisis:

    • Unsupported vomiting, which becomes stronger when trying to drink or eat;
    • Acetional syndrome: help and preventionThe baby pale, but on the brushes unhealthy blush;
    • The child complains about permanent or bogged abdominal pain, his sick;
    • There is a rapid or uneven heartbeat, cardiac tones can be weakened;
    • Often the body temperature of the child rises to 37, 5 - 38, 5 ° C, or above;
    • The liver increases for a couple of centimeters, it can last a few days;
    • The baby worries, seems over-excited, then, on the contrary, becomes weak, drowned and sluggish;
    • Massive masses of a child, urine, air from the mouth have the smell of acetone.

    Acetional syndrome at the beginning of its development independently determine hard. And many heavy diseases can be masked for this syndrome, for example, diabetes, poisoning, acute pancreatitis. Therefore, with any violations of the health of the child for diagnosis, you must consult a doctor.

    How to help the child at home

    First, it is necessary to clean the intestine with the help of the enema (one teaspoon of soda on a glass of warm water). But only if the baby has a hatch tummy and there is a chair. As a rule, the enema helps reduce temperature. Observing age dosages, give the child enterosorbent (sorbohel, enterosgel, smect and t.NS.) and spasmolytic (drootaverin, but-shpa and t.NS.). The most important thing is to prevent the body's dehydration. Between the bits of vomits, offer a child on a small liquid spoon every five minutes, not less than one and a half liters per day. It is better that it was a decoction of richness, dried fruits, alkaline mineral waters with gas released (Luzhanskaya, Polyana Kvass, Naftu, Borjomi and T.NS.). It is necessary to prepare and near a liter of the rehydration solution (REGIDRON), let the child drinks it by a sip. Observe the bed mode, now I need a crude. If your child is already eating not only breast milk, do not feed it 6 - 12 hours. And if it feels hunger before, do not let me meat, oily food, broths. In this case, preferably porridge, vegetable food, but fresh fruits and vegetables need to be limited. After a couple of days, when the condition improves, gradually enter other products, moving to the usual nutrition.

    Prevention acetional syndrome

    Kids, prone to the development of acetional syndrome, must stick to a special diet. They can not receive an excess of emotions (both positive and negative), it is undesirable to be in the sun, overheat. Very important procedures to help harmonize the nervous system and metabolism are very important: permanent, but moderate exercise, water procedures, expectation in the fresh air. It is better to limit the time that the child spends the TV and a computer. And night sleep should last at least 8 hours. As a rule, the first attacks happen from children in 2-3 years, become more frequent by 7 years, and already for 12 years of acetone and do not remember.

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