skin Diphtheria - dangerous rarity


  • The forms of the disease
  • Diphtheria: Symptoms and Treatment
  • Diphtheria - definition of successful diagnosis
  • Prevention of disease

  • Diphtheria of the skin - is rare, but dangerousThe causative agent of diphtheria skin - bacteriaKlebs-Loeffler, known for its ability to produce exotoxin and, soaked in blood, lead to the development of tissue necrosis with the formation of diphtheritic ulcers, coated with a layer of fibrin. Diphtheria, which pathway is mainly contact, leading to acute inflammation and the appearance of the infiltrate in the dermis. The disease usually manifests itself in two forms, as a surface or deep diphtheria, and the skin in different places may respond differently to join diphtheria infection. Outbreaks of the disease are localized on the hands, feet, head and body, and the more floor space, the harder it is for disease.

    The forms of the disease

    • Surface shape - a layering of various infections that already exist, dermatoses, such as eczematous variant is more common in children in the face or BTE folds.
    • A deep form of diphtheria - heavierdisease affecting the genital area in girls and women, with common symptoms of intoxication diphtheria toxin that can cause paralysis, polyneuritis, and other complications. In addition, these options form deep as abscess and gangrenous characterized by very slow flow, painful wound healing and the subsequent formation of scars.

    Diphtheria: Symptoms and Treatment

    Diphtheria: Symptoms and TreatmentOnset acute infection occursin different ways, often by transferring the diphtheria bacilli by direct contact or infected objects. Very often contact routes of transmission of the disease are found in tropical countries.

    Symptoms are characterized by the emergence of diphtheriaor gray-greenish white deposits on skin, lymph node enlargement, and sealing their tenderness. Diphtheria ulcers are formed with a clear round, sometimes oval outline, with painful towering edges, limited bluish rim. Intoxicated expressed fever, weakness, headache and nausea. The disease usually manifests itself in the form of healing of chronic ulcers covered with grayish films. The development of the most severe forms possible with delayed diagnosis and late introduction of the PDS - diphtheria serum.

    Treatment of diphtheria, which the symptoms on5-7 days after infection, suggests mandatory bed rest and the immediate introduction of diphtheria serum. Diphtheria, in which the transmission path in the main contact, requires treatment in an infectious diseases hospital with strict patient isolation. To be effective, treatment should be possible early introduction of antitoxic serum, antibiotics, detoxification, as well as the treatment and prevention of possible complications, which require a separate discussion.

    Diphtheria - definition of successful diagnosis

    Diphtheria - definition of successful diagnosisSometimes the diagnosis is complicated by the definition of the externalthe similarity of symptoms of the disease psoriasis, dermatitis, contact dermatitis, hemorrhagic rash of unknown origin. The main method of diagnosis then becomes a laboratory sowing and bacteriological examination.

    When diphtheria definition of a favorable outcome, andsuccessful treatment depends on the timely use of diphtheria serum neutralizing diphtheria toxin. After a previous infection immunity is formed unstable, it is possible to get sick again after 10 years, but for re-disease much easier than the first time.

    Prevention of disease

    • Identifying the sources of infection of diphtheria, transmission paths which, most likely, is the contact method in this form of the disease.
    • Timely hospitalization and compulsorydisinfection of the apartment, where he was a patient, isolation of infected children who were in contact with the patient, the ban on visits to children's institutions, bacteriological 2-fold study on bacteriocarrier with a 2-day intervals.
    • And finally, the main method of prevention - vaccination and revaccination when all vaccines are mandatory, without waiting for the manifestation of diphtheria, with its characteristic symptoms.

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