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  • How to treat a pig?
  • Forecast mumps

  • How to treat a pig?

    (Mumps) in children is most often occurs in moderate
    form. Body temperature rises to 38-39,9 ° C, fever and chills
    continue for 5-7 days, followed by headache, muscle and joint
    pain, tenderness, and an increase in the salivary glands. Despite the bright clinical
    picture prognosis is usually favorable, with proper treatment of the complications of mumps are rare, and in most cases they can be avoided.

    How to treat a pig?

    Treatment of mumps
    (Mumps) flowing in the mild to moderate form,
    carried out at home. In just need hospitalization, children with severe
    infection of the nervous system lesions and the development of complications such as orchitis and
    pancreatitis. The child will have to send to the hospital if you can not provide
    its isolation and treatment in the home.

    Until now there are no specific drugs
    acting on a virus epidemic
    mumps. Treatment is aimed at easing symptoms and
    prevention of its complications.

    1. Since the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease
      patient requires bed rest and isolation from children without a history of mumps and
      adult for 9 days. Statistics says that boys-keeping
      bed rest, orchitis develops in 3 times less likely than those who neglected
      this recommendation.
    2. To reduce the symptoms of intoxication and rapid
      remove the virus from the body shown excessive drinking.
    3. Particular attention should be paid to the toilet cavity
      mouth. It is necessary to carefully brush your teeth and tongue regularly after eating to rinse
      mouth with boiled water or a 2% solution of baking soda.
    4. In the early days of the disease the patient's food should be
      liquid or semi-liquid. Recommended lacto-vegetarian diet, which excludes
      fatty, fried, spicy and sweet dishes, limiting the use of flour
      products. Avoid overeating.
    5. When the temperature rises above 38 ° C.
      antipyretic drugs may be used based on paracetamol.
    6. In the area of ​​the parotid salivary glands are used
      dry heat: hot compress, local physiotherapy,
      exposure lamp solljuks, UHF, diathermy.
    7. With the development of pancreatitis prescribed a strict diet
      and detoxication therapy by intravenous infusion
    8. at
      meningitis and meningoencephalitis complicating mumps, treatment involves
      spinal tap to decrease the intracranial pressure, dehydration
      therapy and the appointment of corticosteroid hormones that can
      quickly to stop inflammation.
    9. at
      orchitis shows a strict bed rest, wearing a jockstrap, supporting
      testicles. To reduce the swelling in the scrotal area during the first 2-3 days
      apply cold compresses, later using heat treatments. inside
      prescribe anti-inflammatory, hormonal and antihistamines,
      reducing the likelihood of damage to the seminiferous epithelium and the subsequent

    Forecast mumps

    Forecast mumps

    In most cases, children pig proceeds favorably.
    In severe cases and the development of meningitis or meningoencephalitis often
    develop asthenic syndrome, manifested depressed mood,
    fatigue, irritability, irritability, headaches,
    that's why pediatricians are required to monitor children with severe
    Complications of mumps orchitis and epididymitis is fraught with subsequent atrophy
    testes and impaired sexual function and fertility. The defeat of the pancreas
    can be the impetus for the development of diabetes. Sometimes children have had
    complicated form of pigs, growing deafness.

    Immediately after the recovery of patients after heavy
    mumps, recommended home treatment, its duration depends on the
    the child's condition. On his return to employment, it is considered advisable
    Load restriction exemption from physical training for six months. Children,
    undergone mumps exempt from preventive vaccination for one year.

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