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  • Atsetonemichesky syndrome
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  • The child high fever, vomiting, dehydration and, as a consequence, "fast" and a few hours on a drip. To cope with the syndrome atsetonemicheskim home, you need to act quickly and clearly.

    Atsetonemichesky syndrome

    Atsetonemichesky syndrome - is a specific response of the body of young children, due to violations of purine metabolism (increased concentration of uric acid in the body).

    Provoke a state of viral infections, nutritional stress ( "hard", unfamiliar dishes), overeating, psycho-emotional stress.

    Doctors noticed that the more susceptible acetonemiababies with a certain body type: thin, tend to lag behind their peers in weight. In addition, easily excitable and curious "Who Knows?". Usually, the first attacks occur in two-three years of crumbs are increasing to seven years and completely disappear by the 12th anniversary.

    Unfortunately, in the early stages atsetonemichesskysyndrome is difficult to identify yourself. If you call the doctor insists on hospitalization, agree without hesitation. Persistent vomiting leading to dehydration and loss of salts, which entails serious consequences. Take to the hospital everything you need for yourself and your baby. Be prepared for the fact that the child is put on a drip. Tiny introduce intravenous saline, glucose and give antiemetic.

    How to recognize

    • multiple or uncontrollable vomiting (it provokes even attempt to drink or breastfeed)
    • dehydration and intoxication (pale skin with a characteristic glow, muscular hypotonia)
    • anxiety and agitation
    • at the beginning of crisis give way to lethargy, weakness, drowsiness
    • weakening of heart sounds, tachycardia, arrhythmia
    • cramping or persistent abdominal pain, nausea
    • enlargement of the liver 1-2 cm, persisting for several days
    • increase in body temperature up to 37,5-38,5 ° C, sometimes - above
    • presence in the urine, vomit, acetone breath odor

    What to do

    When our children suddenly become ill, we oftenget lost, we do not know for what to catch and where to run. In order to in difficult times to maintain clarity of thought and the most to help the child, act strictly according to our plan.

    What atsetonemichesky syndromeEliminating the possibility of appendicitis - with himthere is a delay of the chair and the child does not touch the belly. If in doubt, better call the doctor. Causes the baby to drink every 5 minutes of a teaspoon.

    Start by drinking alkaline (usesodium bicarbonate-water - "Luzhanska", "Polyana Kvasova", "Borjomi"). Poi child until it stops vomiting. If she does not stop for 3 hours, call "ambulance."

    • The bowels with enemas - need2-percent solution of soda (a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water). But remember, it can be done if a child is enough soft belly and chair there! Usually, after an enema the temperature drops - and the baby is getting better.
    • After the cessation of vomiting can drink crumb sweet compote of dried fruits: for Restore-lished forces he needed glucose.
    • In parallel, prepare rehydron solution (during the day to get the child to drink a sip about a liter of salty liquid).
    • Lay the baby to bed, or wear on his hands fidget - he needs bed rest.
    • We'll have to starve 6-12 hours (this does not apply to children who are breastfed). If a child asks for food before, it can be a little feed.
    • Keeping a diet and gradually add newProducts (reference to the well-being of the child), for 5-6 days, the diet should be varied enough, and two weeks later the baby will be able to go to the usual diet.

    Be sure to consult with your doctor: Is it possible, pediatrician and gastroenterologist be personalized recommendations on nutrition and the image of your child's life.

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