Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: how to prevent and treat? Internal and external hemorrhoids


  • Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: prevention
  • Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: treatment

  • Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: how to prevent and treat?Hemorrhoids - quite a serious disease,able to intervene in the course of pregnancy and significantly complicate its normal course. Itching, burning, pain in the anus - not only to deliver physical discomfort and overshadow the joy experienced by a woman waiting for a child, but also a signal about the problems in the body, sometimes entailing greater health problems and subsequent surgery. How to reduce the risk of developing the disease and how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

    Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: prevention

    And external and internal hemorrhoids duringpregnancy does not occur in the blink of an eye, the formation of hemorrhoidal nodules - extended in time process, a consequence of long-term blood pressure increase in the venous plexus of the rectum, provoked by constipation, sedentary lifestyle, property development and an increase in uterine pregnancy. It is because the causes of disease are derived measures of prevention of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, as well as the existence of hemorrhoids at an early stage of its development usually goes unnoticed, these same techniques are healing for hemorrhoids in the first stage.

    • Fighting constipation. It is how to take responsibility forcompiling diet, including in it a large number of vegetables, fruit, products made of wheat flour with added bran. To stimulate bowel useful to use dried fruits, such as prunes and apricots, beet, and at night to drink a glass of nonfat yogurt. These measures are important for starting treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
    • Stay active, if there is no medical justification for its restrictions. Daily do special exercises for pregnant women, more than a walk in the fresh air, swimming, dancing, yoga - this will improve blood circulation in the body as a whole, and in the rectum in particular.
    • Intimate hygiene crotch area - Prevention of inflammation in external hemorrhoids,Pregnancy should wash the anal area after each visit to the toilet. In the presence of external hemorrhoids nodules (external hemorrhoids) once a day is recommended hip baths with antiseptic such as sodium or potassium permanganate furatsilina, infusions and decoctions of herbs.

    Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: treatment

    Hemorrhoid treatment when its first externalsigns must include measures for the normalization of stool, active lifestyle and health. They are joined by other more effective and specific therapies.

    Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are often treated with folkmeans, for example, lotions, basins and micro-enema with herbal decoctions and infusions of camomile, calendula, sage. Additionally assigned drug treatment - ointments, creams, as well as candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, has analgesic, protivogemorragicheskoe, anti-inflammatory effect.

    The specifics of the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancyis a limited possibility of using protivogemorroidalnyh funds. Not all potent, highly effective drugs that are commonly used by patients, pregnant women are shown. Many of them are not safe for the fetus, so the self is unacceptable, all strictly controlled by the proctologist.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy include,generally conservative methods, primarily to enable and inhibit the growth of nodes reduce their risk of complications. Minimally invasive surgery, such as ligation of hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy, and deleting nodes, hemorrhoidectomy, offered the usual patient, not shown to pregnant women. The operation, as a means of getting rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, is used only as an emergency measure for bleeding, infringement, inflammation and thrombosis of hemorrhoids, leading to the disintegration of tissue.

    Unfortunately, hemorrhoids will not disappear afterpregnancy and the first possible case of the disease escalates. Ideally operation should be carried out in the first 2-3 weeks after birth, and then from hemorrhoids and former discomfort will be over.

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