Features female depression


  • Features female depressionDepression - it is not just mood swings andserious violations in the emotional sphere. How to distinguish them from a bad mood? Today the mood worse than ever, and tomorrow it is wonderful, and all around wonderful and amazing.

    Depression - is a long time

    Took out their favorite spirits, and they do not please you. You look at yourself in the mirror, do you think it would be necessary to go to the hairdresser, and why? And so everywhere: life loses its meaning, it just becomes uninteresting.

    Depression, as a woman does not like to be alone, sheI need company. She was always surrounded himself with loyal friends. Here and in a bad mood, anxiety, apathy, lack of appetite, insomnia, fatigue. Moreover, against depression changes the perception of pain. The person becomes susceptible to diseases: headaches, back pain, hypertension and even asthma.

    In addition, observing the law of women's solidarity, it no fan of the fair sex. They are three times more likely than men to suffer from depressive disorders.

    Depression occurs in all ages, in all social strata. But there is a peak - a period of 30 to 40 years. Young, active woman - and suddenly depressed. Why?

    To a large extent this is due, as we say, withthe fact that life has become "heavy". And blame is not only financial problems, constant search of work and income. Affects and overabundance of information, the rhythm in which we live. The negative reaction to all these realities of modern life is found in men, but there are typically female depression.


    The most common reason for dissatisfaction with the outside worldand loss of interest in it - the problems in his personal life. Sometimes, in the minds of women, they acquire the status of disaster. This is often a husband or dissatisfaction with their sex lives, adult children, divorces, remarriages.

    From personal disasters no one is immune. If suddenly they appeared, the invaluable help provide professional therapists. In Russia, the therapist is the best friend. Therefore, if something in my soul is restless, we need to talk about it. If "podrugoterapiya" delayed and does not bring the desired result, you need to consult a doctor. This case requires a serious treatment drugs: antidepressants or chemical plant.

    Critical days

    Many women do not know firsthand whatpremenstrual syndrome. In the world with this problem refer to a gynecologist, but we do not. Well, think, irritation, bad mood, do not worry - will pass by itself. Menstruation begins, and really - it all goes away. But premenstrual syndrome often affects the health. Approximately half of the women before menstruation sharply appetite increases, they begin to tuck everything that comes their way. And during this period, gaining a half to two kilograms, which hinder and even more added irritation. "Menstrual gluttony" - this is a normal phenomenon that will have to accept. To him, by the way, can be added to sweating, palpitations, weakness, dizziness, bowel disorder.

    To every month not to test yourself onstrength, appointed mild tranquilizers. There is a wonderful all-female drug Grandaxinum. It helps to remove the anxiety and all vegetative disorders. It must be taken within 10 days, a week before the onset of menses. It is well tolerated, does not cause addiction. And most importantly - it does not affect the way of life.

    Features female depressionBirth of a child

    If initially the woman prone to extremesmood, the depression can occur at a time when the body needs emotional stress. A childbirth - it is precisely this critical moment. Prenatal depression is uncommon and occurs when unfavorable pregnancy occurs. The most common is postpartum depression.

    Pregnancy and childbirth - is stressful for the body. At this point, the woman is required to bring together all their moral and physical strength. It is clear that after such a shake-up she wants to relax and unwind. But where is it? There was a baby, which requires her momentary presence and attention. The rhythm of life was quite different, and also need to get used to it. A time and energy sorely lacking. It turns out that Mom is nothing to be happy, and you want only one thing - that it has not been touched. At this point, she needs help loved ones, care and support from their side. If the situation does not change, moreover, a woman caring for a child is bad, aggression appears in its actions, wait no longer worth it. We need to see a specialist.

    Postpartum depression - it is always difficultsituation because associated with feeding the baby. And most of the drugs in this period is not taken. According to studies, antidepressants too influence the composition of mother's milk, nevertheless risking undesirable. And they should be used only when they do not manage without depression.

    Pleasures older

    Purely physical discomfort accompaniedreduction of moral strength. The woman begins to realize that it is every year becoming older, no longer as young and beautiful as before. These changes in many perceive painful life.

    "Climacteric" Depression oftenIt does not exist by itself, but in combination with alarm. In order not to fall into such a state of anxiety and depression, we must remember that it is very much in our hands. Try to prepare yourself mentally to the fact that a new stage of life. He, like any other, has its positive and negative sides.

    Of course, it is necessary that during this period a womanWe observed gynecologists and neurologists. If she can not handle herself, she is assigned to the treatment. It may be antidepressants or hormone replacement therapy. Or a combination of both.

    Since depression - it's still normalphysiological process, it is transient and after some time she finished. But it does not happen quickly - from six months to two years. Therefore, if this period is felt hard, you should think about the treatment.

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