What is a personality disorder


  • Causes of psychopathy
  • What if this happens?
  • The diagnosis of psychopathy
  • Treatment of psychopathy

  • Causes of psychopathy

    Risk factors for psychopathy may be innate
    inferiority nervous system (encephalitis, head injury). It is believed
    also that the responsibility can be brain disorders in the period
    birth or early childhood, or genetic predisposition.
    To the development of certain types of psychopathy leads wrong education
    child. Psychopathy never occurs in adulthood in full
    a healthy person, it indicates rather on any other
    mental illness.

    What if this happens?

    manifested, first of all, the inadequacy of emotional distress,
    tendency to depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This should not be confused with psychopathy "difficult character", ie with psychopathic aggression, tantrums, destruction of thirst,
    which may be caused by a variety of external factors. Almost all
    types of psychopathy begin to appear from early and preschool age.

    Psychopathy are the following:

    • asthenic psychopathy.
      which is characterized by irritability and fast
      exhaustion. Since childhood, these people are afraid of obstacles in reaching
      purposes. They are poorly given to overcome any difficulties mobilization.
    • The excitable personality disorder.
      which is characterized by inadequate emotional reactions with a storm
      outbursts of anger. Usually it is people with choleric temperament,
      and their nature is largely corresponds to the characteristics of such a temperament.
      They are swift, impetuous, can not tolerate a situation of waiting, easily
      show anger unimportant reasons.
    • explosive Disorder.
      As a rule, these people are slow in his movements, thoughts and actions. They
      reserved, remain unperturbed in many emotionally charged
      situations, careful, circumstantial to pettiness and pedantry, love
      order in everything. These people are hard habits, rules, patterns,
      moderation in all things. At the same time, if someone breaks
      the established way of life, even the smallest detail, they
      can instantly go out of themselves, far from stepping beyond decency.
      They can be very unforgiving, and did not forgive others
      insignificant faults.
    • What is a personality disorderHysterical psychopathy.
      which are peculiar impressionability, suggestibility, egocentricity. a
      of the main personality traits of psychopaths is hysteroid
      egocentrism and desire at all costs to be in the spotlight
      others. Externally, it is usually tiny, elegant, attractive
      people with expressive facial expressions and gestures, plastic and artistic,
      and most are women.
    • paranoid personality disorder.
      which is characterized by suspicion and self-esteem, addiction
      to overvalued ideas. Thus, pathological jealous people called,
      who in early childhood are jealous of her mother to anyone,
      communicate with her in the future they are jealous of friends
      and close people, to employees, torturing the victim continuous suspicions
      wherein themselves suffer intolerable etc.
    • schizoid Personality Disorder.
      From an early age schizoid psychopaths attract attention
      a manifestation of emotional callousness, uncommunicative, live in peace
      abstract, not on age challenges. They usually have a few
      delayed development of self-help skills.

    from psychosis, personality disorder hardly progresses throughout life,
    however, some of these can lead psychopathy
    to addiction to alcohol or drugs. There is also a psychopathy,
    accompanied by a desire to steal, or cheat others.

    The diagnosis of psychopathy

    the first patient rarely comes to the doctor. Most often it is done by relatives,
    exhausted by the strange behavior of the person. Many people try to find out
    whether their sick relative crazy, and whether there is a cure
    from his illness. In such a situation, the doctor gets additional
    information about the patient's relatives, his education and development.
    No less important is the patient's behavior in the eyes of others.

    Treatment of psychopathy

    psychopathy - an extremely difficult task. The problem is that almost a psychopath
    never aware sick, and in certain types of psychopathy More
    and offended at the first mention of a possible visit to the doctor. the
    However, psychopathy requires treatment, primarily to
    to prevent the social exclusion of the patient.

    must be
    to understand that the issue of adaptation in the normal life of a psychopath
    determined by his profession and environment. For example, schizoid
    psychopaths are well acclimatized in the basic sciences,
    and hysterical in the acting profession. At the same time, pathological
    mendacity, asthenia or paranoid traits affect negatively
    in all cases.

    Medicines with psychopathy is almost never
    not appointed. Firstly, this disease is not treated with medicine,
    You can only mitigate the symptoms or take it off, and secondly, almost
    it is impossible to convince a patient to take medication. In some cases
    comes to the fore treatment of opportunistic diseases: alcoholism,
    addiction. Keep in mind that these diseases can worsen
    psychopathological personality defect.

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