What you need to know about patients manic-depressive disorder? Part 2


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    What you need to know about patients manic-depressive disorder? Part 2overwork

    Typically, the patient himself begins to notice as hecomes the manic phase. Psychiatrists call it hypomania. He begins to feel a surge of strength, it becomes a cheerful, energetic. The patient begins to feel that he has to catch up on what he missed in the depression phase.

    Being perfectionists (people, everywhere and in everythingstriving for excellence), they begin to literally harass a Abot, set high standards for ourselves, to reach which often can not be that plunges them into another depression. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves one truth: Do not recycle! Although you do not notice fatigue, and even willing to move mountains, let your body relax.


    It is very regular to help record spendinga diary. After the manic phase, is already being attack (alas, it's only temporary) the patient will be able to analyze the "zdravomyslennost" of certain costs.

    The second technique of struggle against senseless tranzhirstvomoney - a tactic "delaying" this or that expenditure for a certain time. One of the major mistakes of the patient in the manic phase is that it seems to him that he should buy a particular item or service immediately. In practice it turns out that it was a waste of money.

    Psychologists marketing of goods and services are aware ofThese peculiarities of the psyche of patients and play on it, "set in the group is limited to", "only a few instances of" - these hackneyed methods are directed to encourage the customer to purchase expensive.

    In such cases, the patient should ask yourself: "APTA will happen if I buy this thing in a week, two weeks, a month?". During this time there will be new ideas on buying. That is, in most cases, nothing harmful to the patient is not going to happen, if it will postpone some spending money for a certain time.


    Of course, modern pharmacotherapy helpsick somehow "tame" the flow of ideas, leading to various kinds of adventures. But the patient himself must learn to restrain themselves. And here again, will the technique of "postponement" of solutions by a certain time (week, month). During this time he will be able to more thoroughly consider the idea, find flaws, hidden traps and obstacles to its implementation (if at that time he had not changed his mind).

    Romantic mood

    Whenever engaging in a romantic relationshipnew people, the patient should first of all ask ourselves: "But is it the man" And again come to the aid machinery "postponement" of decisive action at a specific time: "If this man really attractive after two weeks, then he is really attractive to me. "

    By applying these techniques, the patient in the manic phasewill save yourself a lot of short-sighted and wrong decisions. Of course, some of these methods can not do. Here it is necessary and pharmacotherapy. But hold it optimally without consulting a psychiatrist is still very difficult.

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