What you need to know about patients manic-depressive disorder? Part 1


What you need to know about patients manic-depressive disorder? Part 1The disease, which is near ...

Extrapolating the frequency of occurrence of thisdisease to Russia, it can be assumed that there are about one million patients with manic-depressive disorder in our country. To read these lines it can be a brother or sister, husband or wife.

The peculiarity of the disease lies in the fact that itvery difficult to diagnose in the early stages. And only when the patient begins psychosis, and it gets to a psychiatrist, in most cases it can be diagnosed.

It is important to note that many of the patientscategory intelligence does not suffer, but rather it may be the level above the average. In his youth, as a rule, people, full of promise. This explains the fact that people with this diagnosis who have been on a criminal path, smart enough not to be caught for a long time, and the sophistication with which they accomplish their crimes.

In the manic phase the patient characterized by four main characteristic features:

  • Overwork. The patient feels a rush of vivacity and energy - ready "even move mountains." But he's not a machine, and he wants it or does not want, it is tired, tired of his muscles, his body.
  • Tranzhirstvo. The patient begins to spend money on unnecessary things. This leads to the breakdown of his finances, collapse and subsequent bankruptcy.
  • Adventurism. The patient gets involved not designed to endadventures, which seem to him perfect. This is because his mind at this stage generates lots of ideas and at the same time prudent control and sifting them (ideas) difficult. If this is a financier, he is involved in a risky financial transaction, which seems to bring great benefit to him. It again depletes his power and violating the usual course of life.
  • Romantic mood. The patient appeared fantasies and expectationsagainst complete strangers and not suitable for this people. And the reason lies in the euphoria which is sick. Ready to go to the rendezvous and gullibility plunge it into love adventures with dubious personalities. Hence - the promiscuity in sexual relations. Being deceived and ruined, they begin to viciously retaliate to the society, which, as it seems, has plunged him into this disordered state.

Conflict with family and friends

It is important to note that all these signs 4bring the patient into conflict with family and friends. He was tired and annoyed, he has neither the strength nor the desire to communicate. This explains the fact that these patients are almost no friends and very frequent divorces. Tranzhirstvo money and the subsequent financial collapse also does not add to it the love of family and friends, with whom he begins to ask for money in debt.

Wildcats and thoughtful adventure does not bringthe result that is expected of them, and the time, effort and money spent on them, can be spent on something more useful. And finally, is the credulity with which he enters into a romantic relationship with is not suitable for this purpose, people, leads him to ruin.

Here are the main factors is slowly but surely lower it to the bottom of life. About what to do to prevent this, read the second part of the article.

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