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    Pulmonary edema - accumulation in the lung bubbles(Alveoli) in the lung tissues of aqueous fluid. It is not an independent disease, but severe complication of other diseases. It arises as a result of stagnation of blood in the lungs, caused by heart failure with heart diseases, hypertension, myocardial infarction, acute inflammation of the kidneys, uremia. Swelling may also occur on the basis of an inflammatory or toxic lung injury vessels, as well as prolonged lying sick in bed.

    Symptoms of pulmonary edema: choking, loud wheezing, bubbling respiration, excretion frothy sputum pink, sharp pale skin with a bluish tint; pulse frequent, weak. Pulmonary edema is often a manifestation of agony.

    To prevent edema must be seriously ill several times a day, gently flip from side to side, of course, if this does not prevent the nature of the disease.

    How to help a doctor soon. emergency clinic

    First aid for pulmonary edemaFirst aid for pulmonary edema shouldIt is directed at eliminating the choking. What if pulmonary edema? First, you need to restore the airway. For this purpose, suction is performed on sputum and oxygen inhalation treatment with alcohol vapor, which is one of the effective defoaming means.

    To reduce the blood supply to the pulmonary vesselsexpedient tourniquet on a limb. It is necessary to pinch a venous vessels and maintain normal arterial blood flow. Therefore, putting a tourniquet should check for a pulse in the arteries below the tourniquet. In addition, use a variety of drugs - diuretics, blood pressure lowering. Their use requires great care and should only be prescribed by a doctor, which should immediately cause.

    At the first sign of pulmonary edema the patient shouldtake a semi-sitting position. It is necessary to give the patient a sublingual nitroglycerin tablet to its full resorption is under the tongue. In the absence of the effect of the next tablet to offer no earlier than 5-10 minutes, but no more than 6 tablets per day. By hand and foot to put the mustard; then put back on the dry banks.

    Because every minute counts, in anticipation ofarrival of the doctor to give the patient every half hour for 20 valerian ether with water droplets. Replacing with the drug did not have any on hand, can be a shot of vodka, taken every hour.

    An additional tool used in pulmonary edema is an exciting enema of water and vinegar in equal parts (but not essences!).

    When the patient's condition improves, give himany expectorant, but no emetic; eg hot broth aniseed and honey, which added half a teaspoon of baking soda. To prepare the broth take a teaspoon of seeds and boil in a glass of water.

    Another folk remedy, effective edemalight, the infusion of flax - four teaspoons of flaxseed pour 1 liter of water. Boil, remove from pan fire, wrapped in a warm blanket, let it brew, strain. For a taste you can add lemon juice. give drink to the patient in the form of heat for half a cup 6 times a day every 2 - 2.5 hours. Medium soft.

    Interesting fact

    The ability to provide the necessary first aid can be useful in unexpected situations. For example, after cold bathing.

    It turns out that frequent bathing in cold water cannot only cause pneumonia, but also considerably more dangerous state. Thus, the US military doctors have described three cases of development after being in the cold water of pulmonary edema, the victims have survived only thanks to the assistance provided in time.

    All three cases occurred duringswim training US Army recruits undergoing special training for service in the Marine Corps. Recruits who successfully overcomes the distance posited 2 miles (about 3.5 km), suddenly began to sink. Through the efforts of rescuers, they were made on shore and arrived on the doctors discovered that the cause of weakness and loss of coordination at all three became pronounced pulmonary edema. After providing the necessary emergency victims were hospitalized in a military hospital.

    According to experts, pulmonary edema developed in this case due to a sharp increase in pulmonary blood flow associated with cooling the body with cold water, and exercise.

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