How to cure asthma


  • What causes asthma?
  • How to recognize asthma?
  • Asthma is curable

    Doctors and patients have long known allergicdisease. One such disease is asthma - a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways. Statistics of recent years shows that from 4 to 8% of the population suffer from asthma. In the pediatric population, this percentage increases to 5-10% ...

    "Dressiruem" asthmaWhat causes asthma?

    Bronchial asthma is usually begins withfrequent colds: a runny nose, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Another group of predisposing conditions - this irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbance, insomnia.

    This division is very conditional, becausefatigue, irritability, emotional outbursts, insomnia - and there are factors that reduce the level of immune defense, which inevitably results in the first place, to colds and pustular skin diseases. All of these factors in chronic manifestation, cause changes in the body's response, followed by spasmodic phenomena from the muscles of the bronchial wall.

    Also, asthma causes may be:

    • genetic predisposition
    • increased irritability of bronchi
    • floor
    • various external allergens, such as homedust, animal and insect allergens, fungi, pollens, foods, drugs, various chemical substances and aerosols, respiratory infections, harmful habits
    • physical and emotional load
    • food allergy.
    • How to recognize asthma?

      Asthma is not necessarily accompanied by severe attacks, it may manifest moderate symptoms such as:

      • coughing, particularly at night
      • wheezing
      • tightness in the chest
      • wheezing in the chest
      • dyspnea.

      The presence of symptoms of asthma, even if they occur infrequently, for example, 3 times a week, shows the continuing inflammation in bronchi, which may lead to severe consequences.

      Asthma is curable

      How to cure asthma? The main thing that is required of a person suffering from asthma - to learn to control the disease. This is possible thanks to modern therapies. But until now, many patients believe that the only way to deal with attacks - to avoid strenuous exercise, infections, allergens action, including such popular as house dust or particles of animal skin. But everyone wants to live vivid full life: play sports, make furry critters and dedicated ...

      But with proper treatment, many asthmatics maynot just to improve their condition, but also completely free from symptoms and signs of asthma. Of course, it is possible, if the therapy is carried out regularly. Achieving and maintaining asthma control for a long time is real; Moreover, almost every asthmatic can improve control of the disease.

      All treatments can be divided into two groups: medication and non-medication. The first prescribed by a doctor pulmonologist after a full examination and diagnosis. While the second includes the following:

      • special breathing techniques and the use of various respiratory devices
      • variants of reflexology (acupuncture, electropuncture, moxibustion sagebrush cigars, etc.)
      • methods of physical training
      • climatotherapy (speleotherapy - treatment in the salt mines, the use of so-called gala cameras), etc...

      Only competent conducting a comprehensive treatment, "dressiruya" his careless asthma every day, you can forget about this illness!

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