Sleep apnea: breathing can not sleep


  • Apnea - Wikipedia read together
  • Breathing with sleep apnea at night and the standard of living
  • Treatment of sleep apnea in the world
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  • Sleep apnea: breathing - you can not sleep

    Apnea - Wikipedia read together

    How strange, the occurrence of any problemsHealth encourages people especially not to see a doctor and open Internet. High blood pressure, fatigue, sleep apnea - Wikipedia tells in detail the essence. Sleep apnea - is occurring for different reasons respiratory pause longer than 10 seconds. The concept is widely apnea and respiratory arrest means any adult or child. Emerging episodes of sleep apnea have their pathological mechanisms, which can and must be fought. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the clinical picture, in other words, on their own as quite difficult to determine the cause of ailments. Man can not understand why he wakes up at night, snoring, and in the afternoon feels overwhelmed. Whatever claimed Wikipedia, sleep apnea - this is not a problem that can be solved independently. But to what doctor to address and how to understand that it's time to do it?

    Breathing with sleep apnea at night and the standard of living

    In addition to violations of exchange of oxygen, the breath of the nightwith apnea significantly violates the normal sleep rhythms, which causes a feeling of dissatisfaction with sleep in general, lethargy and sleepiness during the day, fatigue and headaches. Given that the quality of sleep often slips away from the patient, you should pay extra attention to this point in the diagnosis. The relative lack of oxygen leads to significant shifts of homeostasis as a temporary nature, and progressing in time violations that create an unfavorable background for the whole

    • Development in the early morning hours of thrombotic complications - heart attacks, strokes;
    • progression of chronic cardiovascular insufficiency;
    • of arrhythmias;
    • worsening of hypertensive disease;
    • shift processes of free radical oxidation in an unfavorable direction;
    • intensivizatsii atherogenic processes, ie strengthening of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels.

    Treatment of sleep apnea in the world

    Sleep apnea: breathing - you can not sleep

    If sleep apnea is caused by the growth of or defectsDevelopment oropharyngeal tissues, the highest efficiency can bring surgical intervention in this area. Thus, the history of surgery is considered the founder of this method, the Japanese surgeon T. Ikematsu that in the middle of the twentieth century had a resection of the tonsils and posterior palatal handles a young girl suffering from a strong snoring. There are cases of tracheostomy - section of the trachea and install the breathing tube at neck level to avoid the passage of air through the upper airway. This method is not currently used for the treatment of sleep apnea. To date, surgery in this area prefer the use of less invasive tools than a scalpel - with the development of laser and radiosurgery, modern methods of anesthesia, the risks of surgery can be minimized.

    The second method of treatment are breathingdevices that support CPAP and BiPAP modes. This is a very effective method that has one drawback - the need to sleep in a respiratory mask. Using special devices, increasing the airway can become quite inexpensive and effective way to solve the problem. For medication, reduces swelling of the mucous include aerosols and sprays, have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect. In the treatment of central type apnea, that is arising in connection with the suppression of the respiratory center, used as breathing apparatus and drug stimulation and implantable electrical stimulators.

    Apnea Treatment available in Moscow

    Apnea Treatment in Moscow associated with bothdisorders of the respiratory center, and with ENT problems today achieved great success. Many clinics of the capital practicing a variety of methods to improve the quality of life, using modern technology and means. In Moscow, there are somnological center of the Health Ministry of Russia, the Moscow City somnological center somnological center of the first MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov, as well as many private clinics offering a variety of services.

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