Pain in the joints - a firm "No"


    No pain in the jointsMost joint pain begins to disturb the elderly, but in recent years this problem puzzled and young.

    Joint pain may occur in inflammation injoints (arthritis), metabolic or degenerative disorders (arthritis), diseases of soft tissues surrounding the joint (periarthritis), with a variety of allergic, infectious diseases, blood diseases, internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems (gout, rheumatism).

    Pain may be accompanied by joint swelling,stiffness and limitation of motion in it, may increase after exercise, stress, after suffering sore throats and flu, injuries and operations.

    At a young age is very often manifests itselfreactive arthritis caused by infections are sexually transmitted. Uncontrolled and hearty meal for a long period leads to gout, a disease that is accompanied by excruciating pain in the joints of the foot.

    Age-related changes and changes in mineralexchange after delivery, bad habits (alcohol) lead to osteoporosis, which in the short term leads to strain and pain in the joints.

    At the time not diagnosed and treatment of diseases of the joints can lead to a total immobilization of the joint, persistent pain and subsequent disability.

    The variety of manifestations of diseases of the jointsIt requires a serious attitude to the problem of the patient and careful approach by the physician. Only a qualified doctor, after a thorough inspection and any necessary tools surveys, capable of accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment. Previously held a detailed diagnosis of joint disease with blood tests for infections, disorders of mineral metabolism and thyroid changes, ultrasound examination of the joints. Professional integrated approach to using modern methods of therapy treatment will help you kill the pain and return to a full and busy life.

    Pain in the joints - a firm "No"

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