Diet for smoking


We replenish the stocks of vitamins

Diet for smokingSmoking causes a lot of changes in the body. For example, a lack of vitamin C. Tobacacomans need it 2.5 times more than anyone else. This means that in the daily diet, you need to include fresh fruits and vegetables, and not abubs, but strictly defined. First of all kiwi.

One small fruit covers the daily need of the body in vitamin C. But this statement is fairly non-smoking people. Smoking need to eat at least two fetus per day. Then the harm applied to the tobacco smoke will be much less. It would be oh how cool, if in addition to a pack of cigarettes in tobacco stalls gave kiwi!

But, first, not everyone loves kiwi. Secondly, some, for example diabetics, it is simply impossible. And finally, someone has this fruit can cause allergies. What to do? How to replace the main source of vitamin C?

Pay your attention to citrus, in which the ascorbic acid also contains, although in smaller quantities. In order to get the required number of cherished vitaminer, a smokers must eat daily at least a kilogram of oranges. Their adequate replacement will be two large red grapefruit or two lemon.

But, you see, it is quite difficult to eat such a huge quantity of citrus. This is not only a tangible punch on the wallet, but also a large stomach load. Indeed, in lemons and oranges, a large amount of acid is contained, which is harmful at enhanced gastric secretion.

So citrus need to combine with other vitamin sources. In the summer you can enhance on strawberries and black currants, in the fall - on a lingonberry and cranberry. They contain a lot of ascorbic. And it is preserved not only in fresh berries, but also in the uroiny. That is, you can make blanks for the winter.

A lot of vitamin C in sweet pepper, and preference you need to give green, and not in red varieties. And of course, do not forget about apples. They also have a significant amount of ascorbic. Most of all in acidic apples - for example Antonovka. And in general, in winter varieties of vitamin C is more than in the early. So in the cold season, apples must be included in the diet of each smokers.

Reduce intoxication

No less than fruits, smokers need fresh fruit juices. Moreover, tobacomans need them much more than non-smoking people. And it's not even in vitamins and trace elements, although these substances are never superfluous, but in the detoxification properties of juices.

First, they replenish the need for a liquid that the smokers has much more than an ordinary person. Tabakoman need to drink, at least 2.5 liters of fluid per day, most of which should be in the form of fresh juices. And secondly, fiber and pectin substances contained in the pulp of fresh juice, neutralize cigarette smoke toxins. Of all those known to us, the smokers are most suitable for orange, grapefruit, cherry, pomegranate and, of course, apple. The latter should be inappropriate - so it remains more pectin substances and fiber.

To what is listed above, you can add freshly squeezed mango juice. Of course, it is exotic, which is not space in our everyday life. But such a luxurious addition to the everyday diet can easily afford to themselves who leave to rest in Sunny Countries. After all, in Tunisia, Egypt and many Asian states, freshly squeezed mango juice is sold in any cafe. So our smoking tourists can at least every day "disinfect" their body with tropical delicacy.

A separate conversation deserves garnet juice. It needs to be bought in glass bottles. One such bottle is stretched for 3-4 days - provided that the drink is stored in the refrigerator. Juice needs to be diluted with cold boiled water in proportion 1 piece of juice on 2 parts of water. After each meal, you should drink a half-table of this healing drug. It will fill the lack of vitamin C, and will connect a part of the benzpiran compounds that are contained in cigarette smoke.

The latter are considered dangerous carcinogens, so they need to neutralize them. Pomegranate juice perfectly copes with this task. However, often drink this drink is not recommended. One half-liter bottle per month is quite enough. Everything else you need to give preference to other juices.

Neutralize heavy metals

Often you have to hear from smokers: "I smoke not more than three cigarettes per day" or "I smoke only super heavy". This is self-deception. Smoking of light cigarettes does not reduce the negative impact of nicotine on the organism of the smokers. Do not forget that with each bought cigarette, even super light, poisonous substances penetrate almost all the cells of the body, and withdraw them from there extremely difficult.

Balanced nutrition can partly solve this problem. After all, there are products that bind and neutralizing heavy metals. The first in the list of such products is Topinambur, more famous called an earthen pear. This plant contains substances that bind large molecular weight slags and remove them from the body. And this is exactly what smokers need.

Diet for smokingSo for any tobacoman, the inclusion in the diet of the Topinambur will not be superfluous. Plugberry Plants have the strongest detox effect. There are their best raw. It is not only useful, but also tasty enough, because Topinamburba is like a cabbage knocker. They can be boil like potatoes, stew with greens and butter or fry in a pan and serve as a side disk. Boiled tubers are especially good in Salads and Vigrets.

Very easy to prepare and are great for the taste of tolk-sandwiches with Topinamburg. Two or three peeled tubes Soda on a large grater, the head of the replist onion cut into thin half rings and mix everything. Bread Cut the slices and spread the thin layer of oil, turn over and press the lubricated side to vegetables. Sleightly salt the Toluks and put for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator. Instead of oil, you can use the melted or grated solid cheese. In short, options are many, and in each case it turns out a special and unique taste.

But even with all the diversity of Topinambur dishes, it is unlikely that someone wants to include it in his daily diet. In this case, pay attention to the sea cabbage. Its green mass by 10% consists of alginic acid salts, which binds to heavy metals. The resulting compounds are characterized by chemical inertia and, therefore, can not cause the body no harm.

That is why they recommend that there are more sea cabbage in environmentally unfavorable areas. And under this definition is suitable today any major city. So all residents of megacols are desirable to include it in their diet. Smokers to do it just necessary.

And not only because of heavy metals, but also because of the sterols. These substances are contained in the sea cavity and prevent the appearance of atherosclerosis. In smokers, the risk of the occurrence of this disease is especially high. Atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels occur due to different reasons and, in particular, due to regular inhalation of cigarette smoke. So smokers should know what they are lungs not only their lungs, but also their vessels.

"No" sausage!

To minimize the likely development of atherosclerosis, one sea cabbage, of course not enough. Smoking people need to constantly stick to a certain diet. First of all, minimize the receipt of animal fats. Do not be fond of fat sausage and sour cream, bast and cream, fatty varieties of cheese and meat. Reduce the use of cream oil. Prefer fish dishes, they contain vitamin F, which is vital to all smokers, because, like sea cabbage, cleans the vessels from atherosclerotic plaques. And always remember: proper nutrition can reduce the harmful effect of cigarettes. And this, you see, already a lot.

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