I know all your cracks


treat heels

Most often suffer from skin on the heels, especially
vulnerable and defenseless it in open shoes. Backs sandals constantly
slap on the soles of his feet, the skin becomes dry, coarsens, begins to crack
and inflamed. All this gives a lot of torment and trouble, and
strong and deep cracks cause pain and a burning sensation while walking.
To help the skin heels in several ways.

Neutral Vaseline

simple and very cheap way, as petrolatum, copes with
cracks in the skin, even the most serious and profound. it can be
purchase any pharmacy, as well as its cosmetic

Pour into a bowl warm water and dissolve in it a teaspoon
boric acid. Well steam out feet in the solution, then wipe dry and
smazh cracks Vaseline. After that, cover the patch and bactericidal
Leave overnight to soften wounds. This should be done every day,
until the skin is flat and smooth.

healing ointment

tool is generally used for its intended purpose dermatologist. If you
formed deep cracks on the feet that fester, and blush
constantly inflamed, you need to see a doctor quickly. Maybe,
It begins a serious skin disease!
I know all your cracks
If you hit the cracks
dirt and you're afraid of inflammation, smazh heel antibacterial ointment, and
even better antifungal. After all, wounded skin is more susceptible to
infections, especially fungus, therefore useful for the prevention
treating cracks antifungal spray.

Lotions and compresses

the references of traditional medicine there are a lot of recipes from coarsening and
foot skin inflammation. One of the tips: cracked heels will
completely, if every day for them to put pureed apple or
slice of tomato. It is better to do it at night, fixing compress
bandage. For these purposes is perfect fresh cabbage leaf.

therapeutic effect and regular potatoes - you need to boil a few
potatoes in their skins until friable condition, mash with a fork right in
water, cool slightly and keep your feet in this broth. Later
rinse with cool water and carefully smear fat cream or

And of course, one of the folk remedies - honey treatment. Him
healing properties have been known since ancient times, and for the healing of fractures
it is also suitable on their heels. The recipe is very simple. Take a piece of fabric,
apply on him a teaspoon of honey and is applied to the soles of his feet. Stick it with a bandage
and leave until the morning. After a few such cracks procedures and thorns
cease to bother you.

In addition, you can safely
use infusions and compresses of herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort and
etc.), put yogurt, mixed with butter, and even
call for help goose or pork fat.

While the cracks have not been ...

you already started treatment, but the cracks have not already, try a
can injure the lower legs. It is advisable to take time off from
sandals, even if the wound is deep and do not heal. Do not go home,
and even more so in the sand and earth barefoot - so you will only intensify the pain and
inflammation. And do not take a bath for longer than is needed, especially
for dry skin on the feet, and after water procedures do not forget about it
hydration and nutrition.

As you can see, heal cracked heels
It can be very simply and cost-effectively. The sooner you start
pay attention to their feet, the faster they will become healthy and
manicured, giving your gait lightness and beauty.

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