Lifestyle with ankylosing spondylitis


  • correct sit
  • correctly lie
  • right dress
  • Healthy food

  • If you have ankylosing spondylitis, performancedoctor's recommendations is important not only for the medication. It significantly affects the course of the disease and also the behavior in everyday life. Here we are talking primarily about the careful attention to their posture and exercise their forms. This will help to slow down the deterioration.

    correct sit

    Lifestyle with ankylosing spondylitisHis posture when sitting, you can haveindeed decisive influence on the course of the disease in the first place when you arrive at work, at home or in the car for a long time to sit. As your spine tends to bend forward, you should make every effort to sit as straight and upright as possible. Rarely completely ossified vertebrae, but even in this case it is a timely do so, at least, to secure the vertical position of ossification.

    Create a working environment itself to you inThis did not have to constantly bend forward. For example, a supporting stand, the plate, the inclined surface of the table, a mobile music stand will facilitate you to read in a vertical position, and because of this, less strained neck. Watch out when sitting, especially for those that do not drop the pelvis back and because of that did not get back bending. Many often difficult after a long sitting on a soft chair or chair back is to get back.

    Avoid the seating surfaces so stronglytilted back. The wedge (front thinner) cushion can be a good help to the seat surface over tilted forward. Sit down in such cases, the front edge of the seat, if there is no other way to get there is well (for example, in a theater or cinema).

    Especially useful to sit on a gymnastic ball, for example, watching television. The back is a long time in an easy motion, and this forced balancing trains the muscles of the back.

    correctly lie

    Your bed should be rigid and does not sag. Make yourself hard to cast (not necessarily hard) mattress foam as the substrate lattice or board, which lay between the slatted bed frame and mattress. You will see that lezhitsya as comfortable as a soft springy bed. Later, when the active phase of spondylitis pain will pass, it is important that strict bed have to save yourself, to avoid any possibility of spinal curvature.

    In bed it is important to lie on your back completely flat. Avoid above all, wedge pillows and large pillows that go far below the shoulders and make the curvature of the thoracic spine. If it affects the hips, knees, ankles, you can not lie down with legs crossed or on your back or on your side.

    right dress

    Lifestyle with ankylosing spondylitisIf you have determined that your neck is verysensitive to the cold, wear a pullover with a large collar or shawl. Some patients prefer a light pullover instead of a heavy jacket and a belt instead of braces to relieve the shoulders.

    There sportswear from microfibrous materials, which does not let rain and at the same time allowing air to circulate, so that it has less sweat.

    Get their shoes with thick flexibleheels, which soften the shocks when walking on hard pavement, so that you can do normal sized steps and did not have to be protected against shocks, damping due to their knees. In particular, in sporting goods stores have shoes today with acting easing out. But any ordinary shoes can be equipped with shock absorbing heel and thus relieve the patient walking with a sick spine. Also may be slightly offset the lost elasticity of the spine and heel tab in shoes.

    Healthy food

    During the active phase of ankylosing spondylitisaffected your health in general. You must have it to spare, thanks to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. This includes the use of fresh vegetables and fruits as a source of vitamins.

    If you lose weight, and unusually tiredThey became very depressed and are anemic, you need more rest than before, and a good, rich in proteins, more frequent meals. On the other hand, you should be sure to avoid excessive weight gain, as it will complicate you maintain good posture and adequate mobility.

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