Treatment of joints at the cellular level


    Plasmolifting methodRecently in our country of the newest technologies is gaining momentum Method Plasmolifting ™ Open and invented this method of our local doctors: MD Ahmerov RR and Ph.D. Zarudy RF Method Plasmolifting ™ It is a unique medicaltreatment technology and rejuvenation with a wide range of applications in various fields of medicine. The method is based on the use of the product of the patient's own blood - platelet autoplasma.

    Autoplasma contains complex growth factors, vitamins, macro- and trace elements, amino acids, a combination of natural hormones.

    Plazmolifting It is a completely natural procedure inwhich would not be used any foreign chemical components. This method is widely used in cosmetics, for diseases of the joints (joint pain passes, increasing joint mobility), traumatology, gynecology, neurology, urology and dr.otraslyah.

    Of particular importance in blood cells belongs Plazmolifting - thrombocytes, which contain growth factors.

    Plasmolifting methodPlatelets play a vital role in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue by releasing growth factors that regulate and stimulate the division, growth and survival of cells. growth factors necessary for cellular maturation andnormal cell cycle. The interaction of growth factors leads to the restoration of metabolic processes, improve microcirculation and metabolic (exchange) processes in cells and tissues, normalization of tissue respiration, activation of local immunity.

    The method Injection is Plazmoliftingthe introduction of platelet autoplasma that allows you to start the process of cell renewal. During the procedure, the patient is taken to 9 ml 36 ml (depending on the application).

    Effect in the treatment of various localization jointssometimes occurs after 1st injection. A good therapeutic effect occurs in the treatment of frozen shoulder, protrusion and disc herniation vertebrae, "heel spurs", tendinitis, "snapping his fingers," and others.

    If you have this pathology, welcome to our clinic, where we try to help you.

    The doctor-surgeon of the highest category of medical Gritsenko SF

    Treatment of joints at the cellular level

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