What are heel spurs


  • What are heel spurs
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heel spurs

  • What are heel spurs

    Spur on the heel is a bonyeducation as a spike on the plantar surface at the site of bonding with muscle fascia - connective special structures, retaining arch. Spur can be formed and tendons, which doctors call the Achilles, or Achilles' heel. Most often inordinate load on the foot leads to deformation of bones and tendons and deeper, leading to pain, a shift inside. Sometimes the formation of heel spurs is a rapid increase in body weight. And very rarely occur as a result of the build-up of infectious diseases.

    There is a narrow-minded view that the proliferationcalcaneus have an indispensable attribute of gout. This sometimes happens, but this is not a pattern. Gout, this "noble" disease, caused by violation of salt metabolism - uric acid deposition of urate salts in the bones, joints, cartilage, fascia, as mentioned above. Gout is often transferred and inherited. Spur same - the phenomenon is not hereditary. It appears, if you regularly overloaded ligaments and unseemly to wear, say, tight shoes, which can lead to flat feet, and leg bones to deform.

    The intensity of pain is not always associated with the sizebuilt-up heel. Sometimes it spurs very difficult to detect, despite the pain. This is good, because in such cases, "intersect" the beginning of the illness and immediately take corrective actions: first of all choose a suitable shoes - perhaps even greater polnomera.

    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heel spurs

    Accurate diagnosis is made only when the X-rayexamination. But the experienced specialist is able to do it when the spur is just beginning A vague, carefully test the foot and listened to the complaints of the patient on highly specific in this case pain. In their description of the doctor determines that they are connected with the nascent spur rather than something else, also because at low pressure on the heel is not deformed persons experiencing severe pain.

    What are heel spurs Now doctors successfully treat spurs. In the arsenal of tools - special insole, usually manufactured on request, depending on the location of the spurs and its value. Your doctor may suggest and special insoles. Full recommended lose weight. And, of course, required to adhere in this situation lifestyle - move less and even stand. After passing the acute period of an experienced doctor prescribes a special course of medical gymnastics, as in flat feet when restorative exercises for the skeletal system as a whole combined with the techniques of developing musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

    Dancers, athletes and people of other professions,relating to a risk group does not interfere to each night prophylaxis use a fairly simple way to relieve tired legs: leg relaxing warm bath with salt, iodine and soda (components are taken in an arbitrary ratio). Immediately after removing work shoes tired feet need to be immersed in the bath for a few minutes. This will help you relax and dropping nervous tension accumulated during the day.

    And here's another recipe for an effective fight againstcalcaneal spur recommended in folk medicine. You could even say nice, as is required for the treatment of the May lilacs. It is necessary to collect it as much as possible, to separate the part of the blossoming of the leaves and branches, spread flowers on the paper to dry and put in dry sunny place.

    The next stage - the preparation of infusions. Take 1 of the flowers and 10 parts of 40-percent alcohol. Insist 8-10 days in a dark place and in a tightly sealed container. For the treatment of heel spurs take, especially in severe pain, tincture 20 drops twice a day after meals (when necessary number of droplets can be increased to 30) and simultaneously rubbing it three times a day nerve. Then you can wrap, pre-attach a lotion with tincture of lilac. In severe cases, when the pain of heel spurs are very much concerned about, you can make a compress on the night of the same infusion.

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