The new word in the care of your skin


The new word in the care of your skin

Sometimes, seeing the round and rough on your skinseal, we can not believe this happened to us, in spite of thorough hand washing every hour. However, in reality, warts are much more related to the general state of the immune system, rather than a health issue. The fact that they cause and the activator is one type of HPV. Getting on the skin, it does not appear in a few weeks of the incubation period, but if the body is weakened, there is a wart on the skin.

And even if you do not have time to visitbeauty parlor, the threat of proliferation of skin troubles and other parts of the body requires immediate action. Provided that the wart in question is on the hands, feet or fingers, the perfect solution would be WARTNER line tools® - WARTNER® Cryo and WARTNER® Handle Applicator for removal of common and plantar warts.

At the heart of the action WARTNER innovative means® Cryo Cryotherapy is a method: It means that the active component is a refrigerant whose temperature at the time of wart removal procedure is -52 ° C. After such exposure to the virus infected tissues die and flake off within 2 weeks and the wart disappears within 2 weeks after application.
A similar effect is achieved using WARTNER® Handle applicator to remove common andPlantar warts: it contains special thick TCA gel, which causes a gradual detachment of the warts. During several procedures under it manages to form a healthy and clear skin. 4 Total required session after which during the first week average size wart will disappear completely.

The new word in the care of your skinBoth tools are designed for multiple applications - to set WARTNER® Cryo includes 12 disposable applicators, and use WARTNER® Applicator can handle up until the gel does not end there. Importantly, the number of procedures in each case limited, it is necessary to first read the instructions.

By the way, in addition to funds from the warts WARTNER line® also has a convenient home remedy for removingdry calluses. It is used in the same way as the applicator handle for the removal of common and plantar warts. With convenient applicator-brush tool can be applied very precisely, avoiding the healthy areas. After a 4-day course of the use of corn will gradually peel off and finally disappear within the first week. Prior to the application of the TCA gel is recommended to treat corn peeling nail file, to get rid of rough skin.

Before you can use all three tools line WARTNER® do not forget to read carefully theinstructions for use - for best results, and your safety is important to fully comply with its requirements. And, of course, before the procedure if you have any doubts that the tumor on the skin is dry wart or corn, should consult a dermatologist.

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