Androgenetic alopecia. What it is


    androgenetic alopecia

    This hair loss is sometimes referred to as "ordinary" asin most cases this is not a pathological condition, and on the genetic heritage. Genes baldness among Europeans has a very high prevalence.

    It should be emphasized that the actiongene is realized only under the influence of androgenic hormones. Many experts use the terms "androgenic alopecia" and "androgenic alopecia" as synonyms. Of course, both of these conditions can be seen as two sides of the same coin, but they should be somehow separated.

    Androgenic alopecia develops in women,and men on the background of a significant increase in peripheral blood levels of male hormones, without the presence of a genetic predisposition, and androgenetic - on the contrary.

    Clinical manifestations - progressivethinning of the hair in the frontal-parietal and superior-temporal areas. Moreover, in most cases, patients (both men and women) complain about the increase in hair loss only in the initial stage of the disease.

    Often it happens that the amount of hair lossIt does not change, but suddenly, in "one day" man (or his associates) reveals how thinned and thinned hair. In this case, the volume changes occur gradually, over an extended period of time, since only lost at least 15% of the hair, the person visually observes it.

    And, optionally in the largelyit reduces the amount of hair on your head - they can just get a lot thinner, ie, decreases the thickness of each hair, giving the impression that it became less hair because the type of volume hairstyle really reduced. When the reduced diameter of the hair, they lose the ability to grow up to the same length, because the smaller the thickness of the hair, the shorter its length limit, and thus the amount of hair suffer additional damage.

    Thinning can progress so that thefollicles (follicles) start producing only vellus hair. Even a bald man's head covered with a thin fuzz, like the hair follicles become tiny and produce tiny hairs.

    Why is this process

    Androgenetic alopecia. What it isAnd why thinning hair only in certain areas of the head?

    The development of this state can be simplified andschematically represented as follows: androgenic hormone (that is, both women and men, but in different quantities), testosterone is transformed into the more active hormone androgen (dihydrotestosterone) under the influence of a certain enzyme. The resulting active hormone follicle penetrates into cells (hair bulb), which violates the synthesis of proteins that have direct production of the hair.

    The result is a reduction in the sizeHair follicles: each subsequent hair is shorter anagen phase (initial phase of hair growth when rpoiskhodit direct growth of the hair), it becomes thinner and shorter, and finally there is a complete transformation of coarse hair to vellus. However, in the hair follicles it was also detected another enzyme having the opposite effect, and transforming testosterone estrogen (female) hormones. In women, this enzyme is several times more than men, partly why women are not completely bald like men.

    Loss and thinning hair with aAlopecia can be due to several causes: genetically hypersensitive receptors of the hair follicles to the altered hormone; excessive content of male sex hormone - testosterone and enhanced activity of an enzyme that is involved in the conversion of testosterone hormone in another reaction.

    Hair follicles depending onthe sensitivity of their receptors are divided into androgenchuvstvitelnye (on the crown) and insensitive (in nnizhne-back of the head). It is believed that the sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens laid genetically. For example, an excess of androgens in men begin to rapidly grow a mustache and beard, and hair on the crown - fall and thinning. On the lower-part of the occipital hair follicles did not respond to the level of male sex hormones.

    Treatment of androgenic alopecia

    Androgenetic alopecia. What it isReduce hair loss, reduce highsaloobrazovaniya and improve the structure of the hair, you can achieve an increase in the power of the hair follicle (hair bulb). To do this, there are two ways to impact on skin blood capillaries that feed the hair:

    • 1 way - protecting capillary cells from damage
    • 2 method - the expansion of capillaries for better blood supply

    Both alternatives yield positive results but,Unfortunately, Trichology appointed individually. An integrated approach, or a combination of these methods periodic stops hair loss is much more effective. First we need to restore the capillary network of the skin, and then expanding the capillaries and consume food, reducing hair loss. To protect cells from damage antiandrogens widely used hormonal and non-hormonal origin. Their action aims to block an enzyme, carrying out the transition of testosterone to another hormone disastrous (more active dihydrotestosterone).

    Also, for cell protection means are used,containing antioxidant, which neutralize free radicals that damage cell membranes. Given that damaging factors (different toxins) is much more expedient to affect the membrane itself, improving its stability. Booking cell membrane universally protects it from damage. Some hair products contain substances which are called stabilizers cell membranes.

    After the restoration of the skin capillary network can bemove to increase the power of hair. This requires changing the diet, as well as the means used for hair vascular nature. The expansion of the skin capillaries to increase the supply of nutrients and vitamins in the cells of the hair follicle. At this point, you can use massage, mask for oily hair, etc.

    Hair extensions are a man</ H2>

    If a man wants to increase hair, hemust have own hair length is not less than 5-7 centimeters. Before increase hair, it is desirable that the master in the cabin had hair diagnosis. Generally, the procedure used to build specially treated strands of high quality natural hair. Strands differ in color and thickness. Accordingly, it is possible to choose the closest to your hair strands. In each strand - from the 35 to 50 hair. To attach the hair used natural wax. The procedure is painless and lasts 3-4 hours. On average, the effect lasts for 3-6 months

    In the absence of the effect of such treatment, hair transplantation is shown.

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