Dermatitis on hands


Dermatitis on handsDermatitis on their hands - an inflammation of the skin in
a result of the influence of external or internal provoking factor. Can
result from chemical or physical irritants external
effects of chronic stress or allergic reactions.


The stimuli that trigger the appearance of dermatitis, may
have a different nature: the physical, chemical or biological. To obligate
irritable effects include friction, pressure, radiation and
temperature effects, acids, alkalis and some plants (nettles,
eg). also can provoke dermatitis, food, medicinal products
drugs, cosmetics and household products. Development of the disease contribute to
weak immunity, general fatigue, poor nutrition and lack of

Types of dermatitis

There are several types of dermatitis:

  • Contact - the simplest type of the disease. Called
    frequent contact with irritants (acids, alkalis, etc.) or
    by mechanical action (friction, compression, and so on. d.). Him
    the cause may be the impact of ultraviolet radiation, burns and
  • Allergic - arising from reaction
    organism on any allergen contained in medication preparation
    perfume or cosmetics. It manifested in the form of redness and
    swelling of the skin, accompanied by a burning sensation, itching or pain. can
    appear watery blisters that lopnuv leave oozing sores and
    pigmented areas. In the absence of proper treatment can turn into eczema.
  • Neurodermatitis - a consequence of violations
    functioning of the nervous system or hormonal imbalance.

The development of the disease

Dermatitis on hands
Current dermatitis manifests number of symptoms: dry skin
redness of the hands and on their individual sites. In rare cases it is possible
blisters and ulcers with serous contents, which are then
opened, forming a moist areas. The symptoms are worse after exposure
skin irritating factor.


There is a protective film on human skin, protects against
external stimuli. In case of failure (for handling chemical
substances, for example), the skin becomes dry and prone to the formation of
microcracks, which makes it vulnerable to various infections.


Development dermatitis usually takes place in three stages. On
primary - acute - formed bubbles of various sizes containing
liquid. If treatment is not started in time, comes next - subacute
step wherein flake and peel are formed on the skin. Launched disease can
go into the chronic stage, which is marked thickening of the skin at the site of
destruction and acquisition of rich dark red color with purple
shade, the formation of ulcers.


Treatment is determined by the shape, type and severity
dermatitis. Simple contact dermatitis does not require special treatment, it is necessary
only to eliminate the irritant. Allergic view of the severe demands
serious medical measures under the supervision of a physician.

If the disease is not running, appointed antihistamines
preparations:. Suprastin, Claritin, Tsetrin, Tavegil, etc. are also being
vitamin and assigned diet. At the discretion of the doctor may be appointed
sedatives and prescribed a course of cleansing the body from allergens, usually with
enterosgelya application. In addition to oral administration appointed
external treatment: baths, ointments and compresses of herbs - chamomile,
turns, hops, dandelion, and St. John's wort. When dermatitis can not be easy to wash their hands
water. After the procedure, you need to wet the brush with a soft cloth soaked hands and
apply a remedy.

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