How to get rid of dandruff?


  • Dandruff can be different
  • Why there is dandruff?
  • How to get rid of dandruff?
  • A few tips on hair care

  • Dandruff can be different

    If the scalp is too dry, the scales wellremoved, are white - gray, dry. Greasy, yellowish flakes appear, if the scalp is too oily. This is especially unpleasant: the hair quickly become greasy, stick together into strands.

    Why there is dandruff?

    Dandruff - it is not an independent disease, andonly a manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis. Also, dandruff can be caused by a microscopic fungus activity. When the sebaceous glands are not working properly, the fungus begins to multiply by feeding on sebum. The result is dandruff.

    Often dandruff tormented us in the winter: excessively warm temperatures under the cap leads to disease of the scalp. Very nervous or ill with the flu - and here's the result. Dandruff appears easy, but it is extremely difficult to lime. But do not assume the enemy invincible!

    How to get rid of dandruff?

    How to get rid of dandruff?

    Folk remedies for dandruff. Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil lozheek and mix them with the juice of half a lemon. Rub the mixture into the scalp before her washing.

    The second recipe will help get rid of dandruff andmake hair more shiny. Mix 2 egg yolks with the lemon juice, add a few drops of burdock oil. Rub into the hair and scalp - many praise this method.

    Some of the girls almost every week changehair color. Probably, it will be interesting to see what permanent staining and discoloration especially hydrogen peroxide - the surest way to destroy the hair and turn them into a lifeless loofah.

    If you want to change hair color, use natural dyes such as henna or Basma. They do not damage the hair so much and get rid of dandruff.

    Infusion of young nettle is also useful for scalp and is effective against dandruff. Pour boiling water nettles. boil and cool. Rub into the scalp.

    Use a shampoo for dandruff: there are many anti-fungal shampoos. Some of them have a preventive and some - therapeutic effect.

    Snow on the head - it's not just a cosmetic problem, unfortunately, dandruff can lead to hair loss.

    A few tips on hair care

    Hair does not like hot air, so try to use a hair dryer as rarely as possible. Do not place the dryer on full blast. Try to wash your hair with warm, not hot water.

    Hair and teeth - the first victims of a debilitating diet. Eat right and balanced. Let it be vegetables and fruits in your diet.

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