Molluscum contagiosum. Methods for its "attack" and methods of protection


  • Tip 1. Take care of the immune system from an early age
  • Tip 2. It is better to warn than to be treated
  • Tip 3: Take care of the immunity
  • Tip 4. Take in hand tweezers
  • Tip 5. If there is suspicion of AIDS - a doctor immediately

  • Tip 1. Take care of the immune system from an early age

    Molluscum contagiosum - is, strictly speaking, a virus,similar to the smallpox virus. The first signs of infection (small painless nodules pink-orange color, like pimples or acne), appear on the thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen and genitals six weeks after infection. Their characteristic feature is the tip of the Pearl. When pressed from it stands curdled tube, which can be seen the specific round (mollyuskoobraznye) cells. Actually, for this infection and it gets its name.

    Until a few years ago by this virusdisease suffered mainly children. Their immune system is still developing, and therefore the body is unable to resist infection. But today, and many adults, the immune status is poor. This and "enjoys" molluscum contagiosum. Anyone who, for whatever reason, weakened immunity, immediately fall into a risk group.

    The main danger of the mollusk that hesteadily destroys the human body, undermining the immune system. And if you give up on his hand (say, no pain, no itching - and right!), A few years can turn into a wreck.

    Tip 2. It is better to warn than to be treated

    Molluscum contagiosum. Methods for its "attack" and methods of protection

    Infection can occur in the bath or pool. It suffices to use someone else's washcloth or broom as a small nodule pink-pearl color, size from 1 to 5 mm, can easily appear on your body. Therefore, it is not necessary to socialize the personal hygiene.

    Omnipresent shellfish can wait for you in the gyms and fitness clubs: viruses from sick people can get on the simulators.

    And so do not neglect basic measuresprecautions. You go to the gym - bring hand sanitizer or alcohol and wipe with the usual simulator, which will be engaged. Do not be shy of others: it is better to attract the attention of its accuracy than the patient skin. After a workout, be sure to take a shower, so that together with the sweat and dust washed off gets on your skin infection.

    The virus is transmitted through sexual means. Therefore, if the "gulnul" and does not believe in a partner, treat knife antiviral drug "Panavir".

    Tip 3: Take care of the immunity

    So, the main guarantee of your health insurance, and one hundred percent of the lesions - is a high immunity. Here are five simple rules that will help the immune system to successfully confront the mollusk:
    • include in the diet as many fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C (lemon, cabbage and so on.);
    • daily breakfast drink a glass of fresh orange, apple or carrot juice;
    • every night before going to sleep necessarily walk in the fresh air at least half an hour;
    • morning doused with water at room temperature;
    • buy at a pharmacy or drug echinacea tincture "Immunal" and drink courses for a month, two or three times a year.
    Simple rules and a great result.

    Tip 4. Take in hand tweezers

    If you still found yourself on molluscum contagiosum, try to remove it yourself with the help of tweezers. Make it easy, almost painless procedure.

    But be careful and remember that treatmentthe home is permitted only after consultation with a dermatologist. After all shellfish can be easily confused with a benign or malignant tumor, papilloma and other such misfortunes.

    Boil in an enamel pot and a needlea small pair of tweezers. Wipe the skin in the area of ​​the node sterile cotton swab moistened with tincture of calendula. Point of the needle gently pry the skin side of the knot and gently pull it up. Then grab the knot with forceps at the base and squeeze the contents. After the procedure, treat the wound with a sterile cotton swab moistened with tincture of calendula.

    After treatment, it is necessary to change all my clothes,bed linen, to process all the objects that were used during the illness, to avoid re-infection. Over the next three days, not soak the wound and lubricate it with iodine. Three days later, on the site of "killed" clam crust is formed. Now the sore spot five or six times a day to lubricate the antiviral ointment, such as oxolinic or aerosol "Epigenes" until they are cured.

    Do not forget that the new nodules can appear as early as two to three months. They also have to be removed with tweezers as described above.

    By the way, an excellent remedy - wild cherry. In season pick up more leaves, squeeze the juice from them, and store in the refrigerator in a tightly closed bottle. Lubricate sores bird cherry juice, remaining after removal of the shellfish - of that they will heal very quickly, literally within 2-3 days.

    But if the disease started, squeeze shellfish useless. We'll have to go to the hospital. There's a virus will understand very quickly: the lesions treated with the liquid nitrogen.

    However, unfortunately, it does not always givethe desired result, because the virus may at some time "to sleep" and then would start to hurt again with renewed vigor. Then apply laser cauterization or liquid nitrogen in combination with the plasma coagulator. One such cauterization enough to destroy and external, and hidden manifestations of the disease.

    Tip 5. If there is suspicion of AIDS - a doctor immediately

    If molluscum contagiosum occurs with AIDS, the following signs are characteristic for him:
    • the location of the nodules on the face, neck, and scalp;
    • merger nodules;
    • large size of the nodules.

    In this case, do not attempt to treat yourself, but immediately consult a specialist, because you need a special medical examination and treatment.

    By the way, molluscum contagiosum - a marker of manydiseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, if you are sick, it makes sense to be tested for the presence of pathogens of major sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and so on. D.).

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