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  • New stars are not necessary
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    Kill germs

    If removing the "star" was carried out with the help ofelectrocautery or laser, then formed in its place a small wound, and then - the crust. In order to avoid festering wounds, lubricate it the morning and in the evening a dense solution of potassium permanganate for three days after removal. Instead of potassium permanganate can be used alcohol, but the leading beauticians the world believe that this action potassium permanganate better than any other antiseptic solution.

    Do not dismiss his hands

    Crust, which will appear on the remote site"Stars" will decorate you about two weeks. It is in any case can not be a rip off! After all, under it are no normal skin, so superfluous injury can easily lead to the formation of rough scar.

    Do not sunbathe!

    Within one month after the operation can not besunbathe. Gentle peel, which is formed under the crust is more sensitive to the sun than the rest of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation causes a dramatic darkening of her, and instead of removing the "stars" you get a dark spot, like a birthmark. Why then was operated?

    In order for the wound did not get the sun's rays, be sure to use a sunscreen with a factor value of at least 15 (SPF-15). Otherwise, the sun can cause darkening of the hem.

    New stars are not necessary

    New stars are not necessarySo you've removed the "star", and now are happy with your appearance? Remember, no one is immune from the new appearance of telangiectasia. Remember, estrogen and the sun - this is what causes them!

    You, for instance, were pregnant (or have takenhormones), so got "asterisks". Now they are removed and are going to keep the old way of life? Wrong! Skin protection against UV radiation should be your everyday activity at least in the summer. It is at the same time will prevent the emergence of other consequences of excessive sun exposure: wrinkles, cataracts, cancer.

    US Cancer Institute recommends that after removing the stars to give each patient a brochure with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Check it carefully.

    • The damage caused by the sun accumulates. Each dose of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is added on to the already obtained and causes the appearance of wrinkles, pre-cancerous skin lesions and cancer.
    • There is in nature no such thing as a "healthy tan." Tan - is always a reaction to UVR damage to the skin.
    • Avoid the appearance of the sun between 10 and 14 hours when the most intense ultraviolet irradiation. Plan all activities carried out on the early morning or evening.
    • First, protect your skin with clothing and body parts, remaining open, apply protective measures.
    • Use protective clothing and sunscreen even on a cloudy day. While UFO while less intense, it does occur and adds new damage to the already existing.
    • UV rays are reflected from sand, cement or snow, increase exposure, so being in the shade you can not defend.
    • Going to the mountain resort, remember about the features at the height of the solar radiation. The layer of the atmosphere, which traps the sun's rays in the mountains of thinner, so the risk of sunburn is higher.
    • Do not use artificial solarium. Although there are mainly used in UV-A rays (the letter A represents a wavelength), excessive sun exposure can cause burns. Besides the UV-A rays enhance skin aging and increase the risk of cancer.
    • Some drugs (sulfonamides, tetracyclines, birth control pills) and cosmetics (lime oil) make the skin more susceptible to sun exposure.
    • Protect children from the sun. Apply sunscreen with at the time, as the child begins to walk. Valid only moderate insolation children.

    Barrier creams for children

    Of course. But produced a special sunscreen for children.

    However, all these tools can only be usedchildren over 9 months. Before that age at your disposal a long-sleeved shirts, long pants, hats and sun umbrellas.

    On the do not save your skin

    Most people apply too littlesunscreen. On average, to cover the face, arms, legs and upper torso of an adult of average height required 30 grams of funds. This amount is usually fits in handfuls.

    Apply sunscreen evenly andrub all exposed skin 30-60 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat massaging every two hours. Although some companies claim that their tools are resistant to water, abrasion and "protect the whole day" trust this is not necessary. Once you propotel or bathed, put money again.

    Compliance with these measures will protect you from the emergence of new "stars", and at the same time - from skin cancer and aging.

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