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  • Prickly heat

    The main cause is the irritation of prickly heatskin caused by collected under the epidermis then. Sudamen can be and newborns. Although children of this age and there is no sweating, but their origin prickly heat may be due to irritation in the places where the sweat glands do not sweat, and mechanical or chemical agents. Irritation in the places where the sweat glands occurs easily because the fabric in these places is not enough differentiated, easily irritated and injured under the influence of unfavorable aspects of child care. Miliaria can also occur due to incorrect care of the child's skin, especially when wrapping it with an oilcloth and wrap excessive when it is wet for a long time. From this on the skin at the exit site of the sweat glands appears small reddish rash, sometimes resembling scarlet fever, often located in the chest, back and face.

    The outcome is usually favorable, rash passes, as soon as its causes are eliminated.

    Prevention of prickly heat Under adverse conditions to the usual careprickly heat can start a secondary purulent infection, and then place the output of the sweat glands beneath the epidermis appears pus accumulation and form small whitish pus bubbles, surrounded by pink background. The contents of these vesicles exhibit staphylococci; such a small abscess can serve as a starting point for the development of multiple abscesses - pyoderma and the other purulent skin lesions, while malnourished children lead to septicopyemia.

    In older children, as in adults, the usualsudamen is a collection of places in the output of the sweat glands of excess perspiration with excessive sweating and rapid. Sometimes it is observed in some infectious diseases, especially in those cases when there is a critical temperature drop during sweating. Bubbles sweat under the epidermis in such cases often arranged in groups on the trunk and extremities flexion surface.

    Bubbles do not suppurate and in a few daysdry up to form small flakes; in some rare cases, miliaria abundant precipitation in the subsequent suck-back can cause the sweat and temperature rise for a while deteriorating general condition.

    Prevention of prickly heat

    Preventive maintenance is miliariababy purity of the body, excluding any kind of overheating and excessive wrapping. Do not leave the baby in the crib for a long time wrapped, you need to frequently make it on the air and in the room from time to time prodelyvat air baths. Follow integuments child with a rash of rashes and other skin lesions seek medical advice, it is better if it is a specialist in this field.

    Breastfeed your baby. Mother's milk is perfectly strengthens the child's immune system. Experts upverzhdayut that children who are fed with breast milk, sudamen is faster.

    Use powder or talcum powder for babies. Do not lubricate the reddened skin cream baby. If prickly heat powder will help or special talc for babies. Please put it on his palm, and then spread your fingers between the reddened places. So you apply as much money as you want.

    Well ventilated. Air - beautiful doctor with prickly heat. Do not wear your baby immediately after bathing, I mean is not worth it just tightly wrap up, let his skin to breathe a few minutes, during which time the remaining moisture dry out. but first dry the baby.

    Regularly bathe your baby. Simple means that you can buy inpharmacy help your child cope with sudamen. Add them in the bath. Mix series and chamomile flowers in equal proportions and brew, taking on 1 liter of water 6 tablespoons. spoons of dry mix. Data broth to infuse, then protsidite through cheesecloth. Add it into the water while bathing. Harmful microbes are very afraid of these herbs. The broth should always be fresh then he will have his favor. You can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate, do not forget that predvoritelino potassium permanganate should be diluted in a glass to pale pink. For yet have margontsovki solution has a side effect, it dries the skin.

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