Protracted conflicts lead to eczema


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    • Protracted conflicts lead to eczemaOn the red edematous skin lesions occurdifferent nature: small dispersed bubbles with clear content, opened with the formation of small areas of moist, pink nodules, merging together into a continuous whole sore, cracked.
      • A strong, sometimes barely tolerable itching, scratching due to itching, scabs formed after drying moist areas.
      • Thickening and coarsening of the skin at sites of inflammation are constantly emerging.
      • In acute eczema - itchy, weeping, reddish inflamed skin.
      • Chronic eczema - less red, dryinflamed skin, similar to the skin with psoriasis; skin affected by physical or chemical irritants or parasites, has a limited portion of irritation, which disappears in the absence of the stimulus.
      • The most common lesions occur on ekzemnyeback of the hands, and fingers on between them on the forearms, back of the feet on. In children, eczema wider exposure, and it can appear on the neck, face, torso areas.


      Eczema - allergic disease in nature.

      The impetus for its occurrence can beindividual reaction to certain foods (certain grades of fish, eggs, citrus fruits, milk, flour) and house dust, earth, pollen of flowering plants, certain scents, chemicals (powders, other household chemicals) for certain components in tap water, medicines and even a number of allergens that can give impetus to the emergence and development of the disease or precipitating another escalation.

      Eczema usually develops in the presence of certaindisorders of the nervous and endocrine systems, the constant nervous situation at home or at work, overload, overwork, protracted conflicts and other debilitating nervous about factors may exacerbate the disease.

      eczema can be caused by diseasedisorders of the gastrointestinal tract, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, intolerance to milk (the so-called milk-string), hypersensitivity to various substances, in permanent contact with certain materials, eczema triggers, eczema such as bakers, hairdressers, chemists, etc. Especially susceptible are people with thin dry sensitive skin.

      Eczema appears on the humid and warm areasbody, such as the folds of the elbows and behind the knees, in the inguinal fold the armpit, on the soles of the feet, the surface of the hands and on the face (especially on the chin) and roots of the hair at the back where the skin is particularly sensitive.

      Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases.

      organic background

      Allergens - foreign substances that weWe come into contact with the touch, inhalation, absorption or injection, - cause the formation of antibodies in the body. Allergens with the antibodies irritate surrounding tissue irritation and such as eczema may appear on the skin.

      Psychic background

      Protracted conflicts lead to eczema"I'm allergic to it, on it, on you" - thisoften audible banal phrase shows that even a layman in the field of medicine, though perhaps unconsciously, binds allergic reactions, such as eczema, mental factors. Nervous stress, conflicts, constant state of stress, worsen any disease, an allergic predisposition can cause, trigger, aggravate the disease eczema.

      Old and reliable - help themselves!

      • Avoid irritants: When the professional nature of eczema should expect a long course of treatment with the patient providing another place of employment. In most other cases, it is often quite short-term preventive measures, such as eczema, housewives - wearing rubber gloves, preferably with cotton lining. They protect hands from irritating household chemicals, water, and dust. Rubber gloves may be worn no longer than 15 minutes, then the skin to dampen them. After use, unscrew the glove inside out, so that they dry out better. In the absence of protective gloves, use hand cream, which should be applied to hands before work-related irritants.
      • Treatment of hunger: Many patients after treatment of eczema hunger disappears as strict abstinence of food causes the body to use its internal resources, cleans it of toxins. Try to start 3 days of fasting with vegetable juices, vegetable broth and non-carbonated mineral water. However, note that prolonged fasting can not be performed without a doctor's supervision.
      • Activate the gut! Constipation is definitely a difficult dynamic bowel, toxins and decomposition products are beginning to be absorbed into the bloodstream, poisoning the body itself, which aggravates eczema. But in any case it is impossible to deal with constipation warm enemas. If constipation is better to rearrange menu nutrition rich in dietary fiber. Start the day with muesli of oatmeal, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid frequent consumption of meat. And a lot of drink, at least 2-2.5 liters a day as constipation often there is no liquid in the intestine.
      • Baths: Seats and shared baths with increasing temperature of the water helps very well: start taking a bath with a water temperature of 33 ° C, gradually adding hot water until the temperature reaches 40 "C. The duration of the bath - no more than 20 minutes after her need to rest within. 30 minutes. You can take a long bath for 1-2 hours with the final wraps. as an additive to the bath, you can use a decoction of horsetail.
      • Topical treatment: In milder forms of eczema can lubricate the skin neutral fat (eg, olive oil or lanolin): it becomes elastic. They help also compresses with healing mud.
      • Desensitization: Not only homeopathic desensitization can bring the desired progress in the course of the disease, but also mental. Who or what irritates you in life? Unspoken and perhaps unconscious inner protest against whom or what is eczema? If you find an answer to these questions, relax and imagine a situation in which the allergenic factor (place, person, event) you will be completely indifferent. After some time, the allergy should stop.

      And some recipes

      2 tbsp. l. nettle • 250 ml of boiling water
      Herb nettle pour boiling water, leave for 10minutes, strain. The infusion soak a cloth, wring out and put on the skin, eczema. The compress must be repeated several times a day.

      4 tbsp. l. green borage • 250 ml of boiling water
      Herb Borage, or borage, fillboiling water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain. The infusion soak a cloth, wring it out and place it on the sore spot. This wrap can be done several times a day.

      5 Art. l daisy flowers • 250 ml of boiling water
      Flowers fill with boiling water, leave for 10 minutes,then prepare a compress, as stated in the recipe above. But keep in mind that daisy flowers are not suitable for everyone: sometimes they can strengthen the allergic reaction in the presence of an allergic predisposition to this plant.

      Prevent disease and stay healthy

      • Protracted conflicts lead to eczemaCare for skin sparing intendedfor your skin type means. They create fatty film on the skin and prevent the destruction of its natural protective layer. Carefully wiped after a shower or bath.
      • Avoid irritating sweat! After exercising immediately take a shower. Wear loose in the heat of cotton clothes with high hygroscopic properties.
      • If you are prone to eczema, identify the cause of the disease, perhaps, the coating in your professional work, and continue to avoid contact with materials that cause eczema.
      • With the risk of exacerbation of the disease is less thansoak the affected areas of skin with water, refrain from water treatment, avoid contact with allergens, do not overload the nerve, which, as nothing else can bring on an attack.
      • For the prevention of relapse of eczema is very important proper nutrition, treatment of chronic infection foci, proper rest, fresh air, air and moderate sunbathing.

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