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  • rosacea Treatment

    Treatment of rosacea is always a complex and gradual. At the initial stage, the formulation of a diagnosis, examination for lesions of the organism and factors stimulating the development of rosacea, the selection of treatments according to individual symptoms and recommendations of specialists: a neurologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist and endocrinologist.

    rosacea TreatmentImportant in the treatment of the disease is to correctgastrointestinal disease, ovarian dysfunction (dysregulation of ovarian-menstrual cycle or during menopause period). Also required the elimination of risk factors that aggravate the disease, avoidance of negative environmental factors of the environment, as well as occupational hazards.

    If necessary prescribed diet includediet vitamins (PP, B2 and B6), vitamin-and homeopathic remedies to stabilize the operation of the body's systems. At the same time begin to cure themselves of rosacea. Typically, this is done through a variety of beauty treatments and therapeutic massage.

    The doctor - a dermatologist gives detailed guidance onskin care at home. To eliminate the effects of expansion vessels may be recommended such an operation as diathermocoagulation, which, as it closes, solders large vessels, but small vascular network does not clean. Therefore, in parallel with this procedure and appoint sosudoukreplyayuschie degiperemiruyuschie funds. Well proved to antibiotics of the tetracycline group.

    They significantly reduce the inflammatory process is rosacea. They drink for 1-2 months together with a complex of vitamins.
    In addition to vitamins B and PP, appointvitamins A and derivatives thereof. Isotretinoin (the main component of vitamin A) normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat, which in itself is very important in rosacea. Correct operation of the sebaceous glands of the skin leading to cleanse the skin from rashes and inflammation. Enhance the effect of the use of Accutane or Roaccutane (isotretinoin drugs with) can help creams and ointments, which include antibiotics.

    After two weeks of such a multi-levelsided treatment the doctor can fix the first positive results. Further dynamics and its speed depends on the individual and timely correction of treatment modalities. In some cases, after three weeks may reduce the overall redness of the face, "drying up"
    pustular injuries, suspension of the formation of new acne.

    In severe cases (stage 3 rosacea free skin fibrosis), some improvement in the clinical picture may occur no earlier than one month intensive treatment.

    If the disease is in the stage wheninflammatory nasal skin formation led to the formation of hardened rough layers inevitably surgical removal of tissue - dermabrasion and decortication.


    Dermabrasion - a mechanical erasing topskin layer, or in other words, the mechanical skin resurfacing. The procedure is a special cosmetic cutter. Cosmetologist prepares the skin for grinding - causes analgesic cream that gives the patient a sedative. Then the skin, which is subject to grinding, freezing cold gas and process cutter.

    rosacea TreatmentDermabrasion is considered to be a deep peeling, depthgrinding is determined individually. As with any hardware procedure Dermabrasion requires precision and care. Therefore, if you want to do this procedure, enroll in a reputable clinic with an experienced beautician. Dermabrasion is assigned to removing scars and birthmarks, facial resurfacing removes the superficial layer of the skin and eliminates wrinkles. Unlike other types of peels, dermabrasion works with the deeper layers

    Dermobrazii After treatment, the skin needsspecial careful leaving. When processing cutter affected deeper layers of skin, where blood vessels are located. So after dermabrasion skin can bleed 15-30 minutes, and then formed a crust, which disappear on their own within a week. Dermabrasion is best done in the winter and in the hospital, where a doctor monitors the healing process to the treated surface of the skin is not formed scars.

    Dermabrasion is more effective than other ways of grindingthe skin, but also traumatic. Therefore, in modern hospitals along with dermabrasion practice and microcrystalline dermabrasion. Microcrystalline dermabrasion - a hardware method of grinding faces, only grinding mill is not carried, and with the help of aluminum oxide powder. This powder has an abrasive action, but does not damage the epidermis, it exfoliates surface dead skin cells and stimulates skin renewal.

    Microcrystalline dermabrasion - a cross between mechanical polishing and chemical peeling. The method of gentle but deep wrinkles and skin blemishes does not relieve.

    If the procedure does microdermabrasion beauticiansspecial regenerating cosmetics, which accelerates the healing of tissues, and the result can be seen almost immediately. Microdermabrasion is used for hypertrophic scars, age spots, wrinkles, scar after acne, stretch marks.

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