Ladant osteochondrosis


  • How the lumbar osteochondrosis is shifted
  • What threatens the lumbar osteochondrosis

  • If you felt pain, raising even a small light item from the floor, it is worth alert. If you do not pay attention to this pain, then one day you risks not to rake at all, so pain in the lower back with inclons - the first bell of the lumbar osteochondrosis.

    Osteochondrosis is damage to the cartilage tissue of the spine, and in the process of the development of the disease - the vertebrals themselves. Lumbar osteochondrosis means that painful changes began in the lumbosacral spine.

    How the lumbar osteochondrosis is manifested

    • The start of pain or their exacerbation is most often preceded by physical overload, and the painful response to them may occur both after the load and a day after it,
    • Tupay, novice pain in the lower back (Lambalgia), sometimes heading, or pain only in the foot, which increase when trying to raise heaviness, shaking, sneezing, cough, to change the position of the body, and if you save one post,
    • Ladant osteochondrosis the inability to rake or move, as any movement enhances pain,
    • Strong and constant tension of the muscles of the back,
    • Stretching the lower back, even after the short stay in the cold,
    • Disturbance of sensitivity in buttocks, hips and lower legs, sometimes - Stop,
    • goosebumps and tingling in the legs,
    • Children's head,
    • Spasm Arteries Stop - sometimes even disappears the pulse,
    • Violation of sweating,
    • dry skin and peeling in pain or sensitivity loss

    What threatens the lumbar osteochondrosis

    Unlike the cervical and chest, the lumbar osteochondrosis immediately dumps a person in bed. Severe pain interferes standing or walking, but dies only in the lying position.

    The causes of the lumbar osteochondrosis are most often injuries of the back and a sedentary lifestyle. In the risk group for this disease, people whose profession is related to the loads on the back: movers, builders, even waiters. And those who have sedentary work: computer, drivers, office workers.

    One of the consequences of the untreated lumbar osteochondrosis is Ishias - inflammation of the sciatic nerve. At the same time, one leg and the lumbar back of the back hurts very much. Sick Isaic walks, leaning on a healthy side to maximize the vertebrae on a sore body part and thereby reduce pain. Because of this, the spine is only more twisted and intervertebral discs continue to collapse.

    The most unpleasant complication of lumbosacral osteochondrosis is the instability of the vertebrae. The disc does not record the vertebra, and with the load under the influence of gravity, the lumbar range slides from the sacrum. And this already provokes dangerous disorders in the internal organs, especially in the urinary system: women have problems with appendages, uteros, ovaries; In men - with potency.

    In the event of any symptom of lumbar osteochondrosis, remember, the later you consult a doctor, the more difficult and longer will have to treat the disease and the more dangerous may be its complications.

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