Scars. How to avoid them?


  • What scars?
  • As recommended in the first minutes after the injury?

  • What scars?

    Scars. How to avoid them? Scars or scars are a dense connectivetissue that forms on the site of former wounds (including operating ones), ulcers, ulcers and burns, in short, in places of significant violation of the integrity of the skin. The formation of a scar completes the skin restoration process. In the healing process, young connective tissue, rich in blood vessels, which forms at the site of the wound, is covered with a horny layer of the skin - the epidermis. It grows from the edges of the wound, and it depends on it what shape the scar will take. Healing takes place over several weeks or even months, depending on the severity of the damage and the size of the wound.

    When the danger to life passed, the firstplace are the aesthetic questions. Everyone knows the saying "The scars adorn a man." Well, if it's in a battered warrior battles, it is possible. And if a person associated with the profession of the need to have a presentable appearance or in contact with a large number of people?

    Businessmen, sales managers, executivestop and middle managers. ... There are many professions where they meet and escort clothes. And what about women? It doesn’t matter whether she is an actress or a housewife - for any woman, a noticeable scar (even if it is a “thin scar on her beloved priest”) is a source of constant emotional stress.

    Unfortunately, modern medicine, with all itsachievements, can not guarantee getting rid of this cosmetic defect. However, there are some simple rules by which you will be able to minimize the consequences of a breach of the skin.

    As recommended in the first minutes after the injury?

    The most important thing is to pull yourself together. A lot will depend on your further actions.

    • If you are injured at home, immediately wash the wound with boiled water. If the accident occurred on the street, buy in the nearest kiosk non-carbonated mineral water.
    • After washing, stopbleeding. To do this, put a napkin or clean handkerchief on the wound and squeeze it properly to transmit bleeding vessels. After about 5 minutes, a blood clot should form, which will stop the bleeding.
    • Forget about iodine! The use of this popular remedy is not only painful, but also interferes with the normal healing process. For disinfection, use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
    • Now try to bring the edges of the wound together. In the future, this will have a beneficial effect on the healing process. If the edges of the wound are clean and close to each other, then the invisibility of the scar is guaranteed to you.
    • We draw your attention to the needreduce swelling. The larger it is, the stronger the inflammation will be, which is the main reason for the formation of a rough scar. The easiest way to relieve swelling is to apply cold to an injured surface. This is especially effective in the first 6-8 hours.
    • If the wound is deep, without qualifiedmedical care is indispensable. You need to stitch the edges of the wound and stop the bleeding. In the event that there is no emergency room nearby, call an ambulance.
    • Scar treatment must be started already onthe next day. This process is quite lengthy and includes a set of measures aimed at preventing infection, resorption of edema, accelerating cell division, etc.

    In the future, you need to remember that forscars highly undesirable sun rays and mechanical damage. Because scar tissue contains no pigment, it is necessary to lubricate sunscreen.

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