Boils. Clean, but not squeeze!


Boils. Clean, but not squeeze!Furunculosis - this
chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by,
constant appearance of the skin abscesses - boils. The main role in the emergence of
inflammation plays Staphylococcus aureus, living on the surface of the skin,
why abrasions often called stafilodermiey.

Development of the boil begins with the appearance of small holes in
protecting the body - microtrauma, abrasions and skin contamination, blockage of the duct
sebaceous gland, lowering of local and general immunity. Furunculosis often it occurs as a complication of diabetes and other
serious diseases that undermine the body's defenses, during the period of hormonal
rearrangements in the intestinal dysbiosis. Sometimes boils appear against mange or eczema, at an elevated
excessive sweating and oily skin.

Favorite places are boils face hairy
of the head, the chest, back, buttocks, hips - those places where the skin has
a large number of hair follicles, often polluted and
injured. Boils never
appear on the feet and hands. Staphylococci penetrate into the hair follicles,
adjacent to him the sebaceous gland, which actively proliferate. sore spot
begins to itch, then get sick, swells. When furuncle matures, it bursts, purulent rod comes out,
and the wound heals with scarring or scar. At the time of opening an abscess
pathogens inoculated on the skin surface and penetrate into other
hair follicles, and give rise to new boils. The process continues until
long as the body will not have enough power to defeat the aggressor -
Staphylococcus aureus.

Furunculosis - A common disease. If unit boils
do not violate the patient's state of health, the furunculosis
often accompanied by fever, weakness, malaise,

How to treat

Local treatment of boils until final
the formation of an abscess is to accelerate ripening and Limitation
inflammation. Displaying dry heat and physiotherapy (UHF). At home,
you can prepare a compress with baked onion, which cut an onion
in half and baked to black, and then still warm make the boil, consolidate and
over night. Usually this time is enough to make all the morning
the contents of the abscess was on the sling. If the abscess is not opened
yourself - you need surgery.

After emptying the boil with bandage
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that kill
infection and accelerate the healing of wounds.

Simultaneously with local treatment with antibiotic administered abrasions
therapy. It is especially necessary in the localization of ulcers on the head, when
abrasions weakened patients and children. Vitamin therapy, autohemotherapy,
use of immunomodulators, immunostimulants strengthens protection
forces of the body and prevent further spread of germs.

When abrasions very important to follow a diet that limits
the use of carbohydrates as they contribute to the spread of inflammation.
In fact, the patient should remind the power furunculosis nutrition in diabetes
diabetes. Excludes alcoholic beverages, sweets, spices, flour products
top grade. Welcome dairy products, whole grain bread,
green vegetables, unrefined oil. Dosed exercise very
important to burn extra carbohydrates.

It is known that abrasions often occurs against a background of dysbiosis
intestines, so it is especially important time to be screened to identify the problem
and to receive the necessary treatment. Getting rid of the foci of chronic infections,
hormonal disorders, problems can play a crucial role in digestion
the treatment of boils.

Remember: the appearance of boils on the face,
scalp or neck in the propagation of the infection can be
cause of meningitis, cerebral thrombosis, sepsis and sinuses! Call a doctor
a must! In no case should not squeeze the abscess, or shred it
independently in the "field" conditions!

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