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  • Types of dermatitis
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  • Types of dermatitis

    Dermatitis - is a skin inflammation that occurs in
    due to exposure to various external stimuli - chemical,
    mechanical or physical. Such irritants may cause dermatitis like
    all, for example, alkali, acids, high or low temperatures, and have
    selective effect on those who have a heightened sensitivity. recent
    So-called allergic dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis
    It appears as by direct contact with the allergen, and after
    getting it into the body.

    Dermatitis, types of dermatitis
    Simple contact dermatitis
    It arises from the direct
    skin tissue damage, for example by chemical acids. The degree of manifestation
    this type of dermatitis duration of exposure depends on the stimulus, its
    the nature and concentration. Simple dermatitis occurs acutely or chronically. at
    This acute dermatitis accompanied by burning, itching, and pain caused by pressure,
    friction, exposure to sunlight, high or low temperatures, contact
    plants or chemicals, and are shown after chronic
    prolonged exposure to weak stimuli. The most common
    acute dermatitis - abrasions on the skin and solar dermatitis. Chronic
    dermatitis characterized by stagnant-bluish color of the skin and thickening of its
    stratum corneum. If a simple contact dermatitis is a consequence of exposure
    chemicals, the first aid is in the rapid washing space
    lesions with plenty of water.

    Contact type allergy
    It is shown after
    direct contact with any one allergen and may not manifest
    immediately. After repeated contact with the allergen appears bright redness
    skin with skin manifestations of allergic contact dermatitis
    may swell. The next step is the appearance of bubbles after opening
    which remain moist erosion. When the attenuation of inflammation in the skin remain
    flake and peel, which is already considered to be eczema.

    The most common form of allergy to
    skin is atopic dermatitis. Inflammation of the skin when
    atopic dermatitis are caused by genetic factors and are chronic
    character. Allergens can be ingested as a food, and in
    inhalation, for example, pollen. The manifestations of atopic dermatitis occur as early as
    an early age, and in everyday life is called "diathesis". Atopic dermatitis may,
    how to get to the age and accompany human life. In the adult
    age manifestations of atopic dermatitis is eczema and neurodermatitis.

    dermatitis Treatment

    Dermatitis Treatment consists primarily in removing
    stimulus which causes the disease. To identify the allergen
    conducted a series of tests that assigns allergist. During treatment
    dermatitis, inflammatory used to relieve both local and general
    drugs. In addition, the patient may be prescribed reception
    drugs that restore the immune system, as there is
    the relationship between the symptoms of allergic dermatitis and immune
    system. For topical treatment using ointments, dusting powders, which are not only
    dried skin in the lesion, but also disinfected. In case of
    food allergen a patient is prescribed a special hypoallergenic diet,
    to be followed in order to prevent recurrence of the disease. at
    manifestations simple contact dermatitis is necessary to eliminate the effect of
    stimulus in the future. The presence of concomitant diseases of the skin, for example,
    mycoses, requires their simultaneous treatment.

    dermatitis treatment success depends on a comprehensive approach and
    strict adherence to all the requirements of the attending physician. Furthermore, as
    prevention of simple contact dermatitis is necessary to observe the technique
    safety in the home and in the workplace.

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