What if the child sudamen


  • Symptoms of prickly heat
  • What should parents do
  • What should a doctor

  • Symptoms of prickly heat

    Sudamen may appear under the diapers.


    • redness;
    • itching;
    • bubbles;
    • protrusion on the skin moisture;
    • soft crust around the genital area;
    • rashes on the scrotum, penis, or folds of skin between the legs and genitals;
    • scratches where the edges touch the skin of the diaper;
    • irritation around the anus, irritation of the skin of the buttocks.

    The disease can be caused by fungal infections, bacterial infections, irritation of unclean diapers, allergic reactions or manifestations of a hereditary skin disease.

    What should parents do

    Avoid the use of non-dried completelydiapers. Stick to one type of diapers, especially those that seem to you to reduce the likelihood of disease. Frequently change diapers. Swaddled not tight.

    Avoid wiping, as they may causeskin irritation. Instead, use warm water to wash the skin, and then swipe it with cotton wool soaked in vegetable oil or baby cream. Pat the skin dry with a soft cloth. By the way, swimming is not only an important procedure for keep baby's skin clean, it is well hardens it.

    What if the child sudamen Start bathing your baby can immediately after discharge from the hospital. Before the healing umbilical wound should be added to the water solution of potassium permanganate before slaborozovogo color.

    Healthy babies are bathed daily with soap and 1every 5-6 days. . Duration bathing for about 5 minutes, the water temperature is 36-37 ° C (for temperature measurements use a special water thermometer if it is not - "thermometer" can serve as a mother elbow). While the child is small, it is convenient to bathe using a special support of the fabric on a metal frame. Then you will feel more confident, and the baby - is out of danger.

    By bathing should be prepared in advance: let you do everything will be close at hand - and soap, and soft mitten child soaping, and a jug of water for dousing at the end of bathing, and a large towel to immediately after the bath to wrap the baby. The temperature of water in the jar should be 2 ° C lower than the bath. It's good hardens child. Do not heat the air special room where you bathe the child, it is usually done at room temperature (20-22 ° C). After bathing - a quick wipe and wrap the child.

    If sudamen has already started, you can usepharmacy protective ointment (desitin, balmeks). Then use the preventive measures described above. If you are using talc, not shake it. Sprinkle talcum powder in his palm and pat it on the baby's skin. (Remember: talc inhalation may cause pneumonia).

    Good help cornstarch powder.

    What should a doctor

    If sudamen has been going on for quite a longtime or defies conventional treatment, after inspection should be analyzed culture, making scraping or biopsy for microscopic examination. These tests help determine whether the disease is caused by fungi which can be treated with topical antifungal drug, or bacteria, which will be treated with antibiotics. A biopsy can also be used to help the doctor distinguish psoriasis from allergic dermatitis.

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