Why am I having acne?


  • What is acne?
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  • What is acne?

    Acne most often affects the face, scalp, neck, chest, back and shoulders. These are areas of the skin, which contains the greatest number of sebaceous
    glands. Men more often suffer from cystic acne, the most
    severe acne, which end with the formation of cysts, nodules,
    and sometimes scarring.

    Why am I having acne?
    For women, the most characteristic exacerbation of acne during the menstrual cycle due to hormonal changes.
    acne do not cause significant physical discomfort, they can
    lead to serious mental and emotional suffering. None
    However, in most people, acne - mild disorder that can
    monitored by ongoing non-prescription drugs,
    applied to the affected skin.

    However, in many cases,
    acne require treatment by a doctor. Control of acne is important not only for
    increase samoootsenki patient, but also to prevent the emergence of
    persistent scarring on the skin.

    Acne develops in the hair
    follicles each containing tiny sebaceous glands and
    hair. An oily substance, known as "sebum" permanent
    It is produced in the sebaceous glands and moves from normal hair
    the follicle to the skin surface. As previously noted, most acne
    occur in early adolescence, when intensively
    produced hormones - androgens.

    Under the influence of androgens the sebaceous
    glands enlarge and produce more sebum. Sebum
    mixed with dead cells under the cover of the hair follicle and
    follicle clog. The result is an ideal environment for
    rapid growth of bacteria that produce substances causing
    inflammation of the follicle and surrounding skin.

    If the swollen follicle
    is opened, the contents in the form of fat, dead skin cells and bacteria
    rushes into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation and redness.

    , contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by weak
    hygiene, fried food, shrimp, chocolate, or
    overexertion. However, these factors can worsen
    the patient's skin. Acne can also be caused by exposure to oils,
    Some cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

    Types of acne

    Acne lesions are divided into inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

    inflammatory acne or comedones may be open
    ( "Chernogolovochnye") or closed ( "white heads"). When these types of
    Acne is not observed redness and swelling. Blackheads -
    clogged hair follicles, which are open at the top,
    detecting accumulation of dead cells and sebum. these components
    determine their black color.

    They do not have the mud and can not be washed off. They
    can be safely removed by means of a special extractor, but their
    It can not be squeezed, as this may cause inflammation and possibly
    scarring. Belogolovochnye eels hidden under the surface of the skin, and therefore
    they look like small colored areas and white bumps.

    acne causing redness and swelling of the hair follicle and the region
    Around him. Reds - the result of inflammation that occurs when
    swollen hair follicle ruptures and its contents are released.
    There are three types of inflammatory acne lesions.

    The papules are small, red swelling usually called "pimples". The pustules resemble papules, but they are under the surface of the skin contains pus, which gives them a whitish appearance.

    severe forms of inflammatory acne - nodules and cysts. they are
    It is located deep under the skin inflamed and pus accumulation zone
    tissues. Nodules can be painful and lead to scarring.

    acne Treatment

    treatment - slowing down the formation of fat, accelerate the removal of dead
    cells and control bacterial infection. First of all, the skin should
    It is washed twice a day with mild soap or cleanser and gently
    dried. Cleaning and washing more than twice a day can strengthen
    ugreobrazovanie as it causes skin irritation. Moisturizers and
    cosmetics must be water based and does not encourage "komedonogenez". That is not to cause the formation of comedones.

    light acne, apply freely sold drugs, such as
    salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol. These drugs
    dried bacon, remove dead cells and fight bacteria. These
    medicaments may be applied daily. Often for
    effect sufficiently 6 - 8 weeks.

    More potent means,
    acids such as vitamin A: isotretinoin (isotretinoin) and retinoic
    acid (retinoic acid) and azelaic acid (azelaic acid)
    used in the treatment of acne are not inferior. These drugs
    You should be applied daily, and the results to be expected for
    several weeks.

    Isotretinoin must not be used for pregnant women or
    sexually active women as long as they do not apply
    Two methods of contraception.

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