What is a shingles

Not many people know what the shingles and is good. Because shingles is one of the most unpleasant diseases. This disease usually affects mature people.

Etiology and epidemiology of herpes zoster

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This disease is usually ill peoplewho previously had chickenpox. In fact, shingles - it's the same chicken pox, but with other symptoms, and therefore it looks not like chicken pox, and much worse. It is easy to cure only if the treatment is started in advance. The appearance of the disease provoked by herpes virus type 3. It is safe to say that a man in middle or old age become vulnerable to the virus, resulting in can get shingles from a sick child with chickenpox. But the treatment of the child will be properly and quickly, but in the adult treatment is not easy.

Such a terrible disease like shingles,most common in people aged 60 to 80 years. This is due to age-related deterioration of the immune system, as well as if a person has been treated with medications. In some, herpes zoster may reappear. Most often, this disease affects people who have a permanent negative effect on the immune system. If these factors are not removed, then all treatment can go down the drain and lichen will appear again. These can be diseases such as leukemia, lymphogranulomatosis, various neoplasms, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, etc. After all, the treatment of each of these diseases requires the use of various drugs that, on the one hand, help, and on the other, harm.

An interesting fact is that children without a history ofbefore smallpox, in contact with a person who has shingles, a disease transmitted quickly and looks like a simple windmill. And the baby, who had chickenpox already can not avoid people who have found shingles. Though he looks contagious, the risk of catching herpes zoster is not high, but the patient should be isolated very young children and the elderly.

How dangerous shingles

Dangers of shingles itself is not,just the disease can lead to quite serious consequences. Of course, when the red scaly mange spreads throughout the body, and appears even to the head, then it leads to severe discomfort from an aesthetic point of view, because it looks, shall we say, not very attractive, not to mention the itching that causes shingles.

But all of this can be handled viamodern medicine, and if you run a disease to more serious stage, his treatment will be difficult and protracted. The consequences, which may be after a herpes zoster following:

  • meningoencephalitis, which is characterized by inflammation of the brain and its meninges. The disease can lead to paralysis and myelitis feet;
  • the defeat of the internal organs;
  • defeat the ears, eyes, autonomic ganglia;
  • the result of herpes zoster can become gangrene.

Causes and symptoms of herpes zoster

disease, virus, skin diseases, lischay, shingles

The most basic reason, which resulted inperson has a herpes zoster is the weakening of immunity, with the result that sleep in the body zoster virus awakens and begins to "whoop." The immune system is severely weakened under the influence of the following factors:

  • advanced age;
  • taking certain medications;
  • chronic stress and fatigue;
  • cancers;
  • chemotherapy;
  • AIDS and HIV infection.

Shingles can occur in several forms, each of which has its own symptoms:

  1. Gangliokozhnaya form:
    • Body temperature rises;
    • there are signs of general intoxication of the organism, namely, headache, weakness and nausea;
    • on the site of the rash feels severe pain, itching, and sometimes you can not feel affected skin due onemevaniya.

    Before there is shingles ina rash, the skin appears reddened, swollen, then appear transparent bubbles, the liquid in which after a while becomes cloudy. But in some cases of bubbles may be absent, whereby the shingles can be mistaken for another disease, such as myocardial or cholecystitis.

  2. Eye and ear shape shingles accompanied.
    • elevated body temperature;
    • signs of intoxication as in gangliokozhnoy form;
    • eruptions in the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and on the nose tip and the skin during the whole face eye shape;
    • in the form of ear lesions appear on the ears and around, sometimes zoster rash can be in the ear canal.
  3. Gangrenous form of shingles rash appears strong, after which it is possible to stay with the ugly scars on the affected areas of the body.
  4. Meningoencephalitic form of lichen occursrarely and in 60 percent of cases, this form of shingles can die. The initial symptoms of the disease are the same as in the ganglioderm form, but over a short period of time the patient develops symptoms provoked by brain damage: hallucinations, impaired movement, loss of consciousness.

Transduction depriving opopyasyvayuschego

disease, virus, skin diseases, lischay, shingles

Shingles is transmitted by airborne -droplets, and also through the contact with the patient. The virus enters the bloodstream through the mucous membrane, and then penetrates the skin of a person. Over time, lichen bites at the end of the nerve fibers. The incubation period of the disease about one week. Then, the disease begins to manifest itself, and therefore the intensive treatment begins stripping rather than some other diseases that have similar symptoms.

A person with a more or less normal immunity,if exercise adequate treatment, recover within two to four weeks. But if the immune system of the infected person is weak, the shingles can linger for a long time, but still appear repeatedly. In some cases, shingles can disturb a person for months or even years. Treatment of the disease becomes very protracted, exhausting and expensive.

Diagnosis of the disease

Readers of our site are interested in the question of whether you can froma man who is seen tinea infected. The answer is no, because this disease is a virus directly into the blood of a sick person.

As a rule, when diagnosing shinglesDoctors make mistakes only at the initial stage of the disease, because lichen causes symptoms such as fever, intoxication, severe pain, characteristic of other viral diseases. If a person has such symptoms, then he can be mistakenly diagnosed with pleurisy, angina pectoris, mild heart attack, acute appendicitis, renal colic and other diseases, but not shingles.

In order to confirm the disease with ringwormlaboratory point of view, it is necessary to use the method or immunofluorescence microscopy. You can also select zoster virus in tissue culture and serological methods may be used.

How to treat herpes zoster

When the manifestation of the disease in the early daysSteps are being taken to combat intoxication, relieve pain and prevent infection. The incubation period of the disease is not too long, so zoster manifests itself quite quickly and, consequently, it must be treated immediately. For the production of antibodies in normal human immunoglobulin doctor prescribed a special drug that is administered by intramuscular injection of 5-10 ml. Just enter this vaccine once to protect the body against the virus. The human immunoglobulin helps in cases where a person appeared on tinea treatment with such drugs as cytostatics, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants.

If the disease appeared again, then it is possible, even necessary to take antibiotics. If the patient is a high fever, then to deal with intoxication administered glucose solution 5 percent, as well as sodium chloride. Vitamins are also needed with shingles.

If the symptoms of shingles - a strongpain, then take them off - the task is not simple. In such cases, non-narcotic analgesics are used in combination with the character tranquilizers. Sometimes the stripping treatment is carried out by means of drugs. Novocaine electrophoresis, diathermy and novocaine blockade is used as a complementary treatment. Shingles can be treated with the same medications as the chicken pox.

But it is worth remembering that this type of deprivingpregnancy is very dangerous, so do not deprive yourself like that it is difficult to cure. After all, in this position receive different drugs is contraindicated, with the result that the disease can spread throughout the body and transferred to the child in the form of chicken pox, but only severe.

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