A beautiful smile is in your hands


A beautiful smile is in your handsYou can name the five basic requirements to be met by modern dentistry - it is:
  • security,
  • painless,
  • Minimally invasive (non-traumatic)
  • rapid functional recovery,
  • comfort

It's no secret that modern society and whitehealthy teeth - perhaps the most important criterion for determining the attractiveness of the individual. Therefore, professional treatment procedures, prosthetics and dental care are becoming more popular in today's market of medical services.

Among the most popular and in-demand services,which allows you to make our smile is not only beautiful, but also pure white, can be called teeth whitening. Whitening - a change their colors by using high-quality professional bleaching agents. Modern whitening system perfectly cope with the problem, allowing you to achieve significant and lasting bleaching effect. The most popular in recent years, desk teeth whitening (in Vol. H. And hardware) is performed in a dental chair under the direct supervision of a physician and usually takes 1.5-2 hours. But you have the opportunity to take advantage and home whitening procedure, which involves self-wearing special splints, which are filled with professional bleaching composition. Usually wearing splints lasts 2-3 weeks. Perhaps both daytime and nighttime teeth whitening.

If we talk about serious issues, for example,such as distropirovanny impacted wisdom tooth, you should know that this phenomenon can cause serious problems for humans in the future. This tooth is a danger to bite, health and beauty smile. Distropirovanny tooth under the influence of the factors changes the direction of its growth. The reason for this anomaly may be other teeth, which simply do not allow it to grow in the right direction. It may also be due to injuries of the jaw (tooth is shifted, for example, after the impact before the moment of his "appearance" on the light). Often dystropy begins because wrong set of crowns, which prevent normal growth. This anomaly can cause tooth distropirovanny that can change the direction of the entire dentition. And this is a problem with the bite, which have pretty torment for correction. The survey and conduct operational manipulation in this case, the best way to avoid serious problems.

A beautiful smile is in your handsIt is also one of the most common types ofsurgery is cystectomy, removal of tooth or a cyst. cyst formation - a protective reaction of the organism to the emergence of bacteria in it. Foci of infection begins to grow into a dense fabric that does not penetrate the content of healthy bones. Cyst grows with time, and the bone tissue may be purulent processes and to avoid them, it is necessary cystectomy tooth. Formation of cysts passes almost unnoticed, and any symptoms usually do not occur, but the healthy bone tissue is destroyed very quickly. Therefore, it is important that the tooth cystectomy was performed in a timely manner, until the disease is at an early stage. Otherwise it will be impossible to save the tooth.

Particular attention would be desirable to stop on suchtechnologically complex operations such as dental implants. Implantation - this is the best, fast and reliable solution to the problem of missing teeth. It is a method of implanting an artificial root (implant) in the upper or lower jaw. The implant is a titanium rod, which is inserted into the jawbone and is the basis for the prosthetic installations.

A beautiful smile is in your handsBefore you decide on a dental implant,it is imperative to consult with an experienced oral surgeon. Only he decides which one you need to put the implant, since there are different types of implants, and in each case the implant is chosen individually.

To date, there is an effectivetechnique to facilitate implantation, which is called the sinus lift. This technique also have adopted the dental surgeons of the Center 'Health'. Sinus lift - is a way to improve dental implantation results in the presence of severe atrophy of the side sections of the upper jaw. By increasing array of bone in the sinus, sinus lift enables the dental surgeon to use longer implants, preferably in the sides of the jaw in order to create adequate conditions for the load resistance. After the installation of the implant, you should adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, and visit it at least once in six months.

The rich experience of dentists Healthcenter "Health" can achieve guaranteed results when conducting such complex manipulations. The center only uses materials of leading manufacturers of the world, different types of anesthesia used. Preparations for local, general anesthesia or mixed physician individually selected for each patient, depending on the type of treatment and exerted by the patient's health.
Center experts also tell you about the detailEach of the stages of treatment and answer all your questions related to it. The medical center has all the conditions for the patient to feel comfortable and safe during these difficult and important procedures.

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