The etiology and pathogenesis of dental caries: a key to understanding


The etiology and pathogenesis of dental caries: a key to understandingThe name of the disease provides an understanding of cariesorigin of dental disease, from Latin word translated as "rot", and therefore, gives an accurate picture of the condition and the tooth hard tissues, included in its composition. According to the World Health Organization, more than 98% of the adult population of the planet are affected by this disease.

To explain the etiology and pathogenesis of dental caries, there are many theories based on the following key points:

  • composition of the microflora of the mouth;
  • the nature and mode of supply;
  • quantity and quality of saliva;
  • hereditary factor;
  • overall health.

The etiology, the development of pathological processes -the pathogenesis of dental caries, studying mechanisms of development, the causes and conditions of occurrence of the disease. Local factors affecting the state of the dental system, include:

  • the formation of the period Share of dental system;
  • unbalanced structure of the tooth tissue;
  • the integrity of the tooth pulp;
  • composition and properties of saliva;
  • sticky food residues lingering in the mouth;
  • dental plaque and plaque.

Cervical root caries: a common pathology

Soft plaque is spongy-porousstructure, but the penetration of microorganisms into the products, the porosity is lost, dental plaque is formed, under which there is an excessive accumulation of organic acids. Milk, butter, formic acid and other help to local demineralization of tooth structure, and due to the presence of cariogenic streptococci and anaerobic fermentation of sucrose is activated, a decrease in pH, and as a consequence - the occurrence of cervical caries.

Dentists note increase in the number of patients with this form of the disease. During the development of caries are 4 stages.

  • Carious spot, it can be treated by the tooth surface saturation of calcium and fluorine.
  • Surface phase - involves grinding with mineralization, cleaning and sealing of cavities.
  • Average stage - require mandatory clearing cavity, treatment with the removal of diseased tissue, sealing.
  • Deep step - state destruction of the tooth root, save the tooth when he is no longer possible.

Means for prevention of dental caries: a favorable prognosis

Insufficient and poor-quality care for the oralthe mouth, the food intake is not enriched with vitamins and trace elements, frequent uncontrolled eating carbohydrates leads to the fact that the cariogenic microorganisms producing destructive acid, tirelessly doing their job - there are demineralized areas on the surface of the teeth. That is why we must not forget about the means for the prevention of dental caries, it can be completely prevented development of the disease.

The effect of the means for comprehensive prevention of dental caries occur in the case of compliance with the mandatory recommendations of the dentist:

  • removal of plaque;
  • reduction of sugar in foods;
  • replenishing the fluorine deficiency of calcium and phosphorus.

Preventing tooth decay can be represented by the following positions:

  • endogenous drug-free;
  • endogenous drug;
  • exogenous drug-free;
  • exogenous drug.

In the list of items needed to maintainoral health, it should be mentioned: anti-caries toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, toothpicks, interdental stimulators, irrigators. Regular use and use the recommended accessories to avoid painful questions like: "How much is it and where to get treatment of caries?"

How much does the treatment of caries? A rhetorical question

How much does the treatment of caries? A rhetorical questioncaries treatment carried out according to standardsthe order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development in the dental and medical centers with the required technology and implementation phases of dental treatment. Due to the observance of these rules, a patient can receive a full range of medical procedures using X-ray to identify the expanded picture of the state of dental health, and obligatory observance of consistent professional diagnostics, regardless of how much it costs. Treatment of caries accompanied by the removal of soft plaque, supragingival cleaning of solid deposits and tartar by ultrasound, grinding and polishing of the enamel coating ftorlakom and root canal filling.

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