Hidden caries - tooth decay invisible


Hidden caries - tooth decay invisibleDetection of hidden caries often occursvery unexpected way: coming at a regular prophylactic administration to the dentist, the patient becomes aware of the presence of diseases, no discomfort, pain, or defect in the dental cavity is not feeling. Looking back, I remember the short-term acute pain from the sweet, which passed quickly, and often remained unheeded, and, it turns out, it was the beginning of caries.

Such a process is impossible to find himself,Only at a reception at the dentist using a mirror and probe, as well as X-ray examination can be seen changes in the density of the enamel. Hidden in the stage of spot caries, asymptomatic and rarely with demineralized white spot is the sensitivity to chemical and thermal stimuli.

Typically, cavities are formed laterally on thesurfaces that contact the adjacent teeth. Demineralization begins to emerge from the loss of enamel gloss, education first light and then dark brown spots, which often have two ways of development:

  • White carious spot is progressing rapidly due to violations of the surface layer.
  • The process slows down somewhat and stabilized, and in place of pigmentation only after a while tissue defects occur.

Statistics caries disease

According to statistics, the most commonthe world's diseases include carious process, which affects 80-90% of children and 95-98% of adults, which confirms the theory of high-intensity disease among all age groups and populations. According to statistics from tooth decay is more common in equatorial countries and less in the north, almost every child gets sick up to 3 years old and has 2 to 4 of affected teeth. Unfortunately, some parents believe that to treat milk teeth should not be than jeopardize the permanent teeth. Usually it affects available on the chewing surface of the pits and grooves, fissures, cervical teeth, interdental spaces. The bacteria that cause tooth decay, often hit the front upper teeth and lower back less equally vulnerable to the effects of their men and women.

Streptococcus bacteria that cause tooth decay are dangerous

Streptococcus bacteria that cause tooth decay are dangerousBy kinds of cariogenic bacteria are aboutAnd 80-90% of the microorganisms Streptococcus mutans in particular. The significant growth of this microbe leads to progressive destruction of tooth enamel and the formation of stains on it. Reduction process of risk contributes to the removal of the bacteria that cause tooth decay, drugs or mechanical means. Streptococci should be regarded as the most significant and dangerous factors in the occurrence of diseases of the teeth, the bacteria are transmitted from person to person through saliva.

These Gram-positive microbes everywheredistributed in the environment, are stored on different subjects tolerate low temperatures, are killed by heat treatment. Lactobacillus microorganisms produce lactic acid, as well as streptococci, play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of the disease.

Food residues on the teeth are subjected to fermentation androt, and the acid as a waste product of microorganisms, destroying the enamel, leading to destructive processes. Sugar - one of the main sources of damage to the tooth enamel, a favorite "treat" microorganisms that live in the mouth. As a result of the uncontrolled consumption of carbohydrates and not enough high-quality oral care cariogenic bacteria form plaque, a destroyer dentition.

Dream about caries

Sleeping on Sunday, which had a sore tooth,is unlikely to lead to a sharp deterioration in health, and is definitely not give any advice on how to keep your teeth, but dental professional recommendations are very important and allocate 3 risk factors of the disease, regardless of what kind of had a dream. Tooth decay can be prevented by regular preventive measures, working on:

  • dental plaque and micro-organisms;
  • the excess sugar in the diet;
  • fluorine deficit in drinking water and food.

It is not necessary to attach mystical significance, if youYou see the dream. Caries You probably have an initial stage of development, and the body is at rest, was able to capture weak signals of pain in the teeth, which is not yet felt in the waking state. Make sure your teeth, make sure that does not start a destructive demolition, it is another reminder of the need to visit the dentist.

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