How to treat dental calculus: assistants and medical methods


  • What is tartar?
  • Why do I need to remove tartar?
  • How to remove tartar home
  • Toothpaste antitartar
  • Removal of dental laser stone
  • Preventing the emergence of tartar

  • How to treat plaque various meansCan and how to treat chronic calculus home? As far as removing tartar modern laser effectively and safely?

    What is tartar?

    Plaque - solid deposits on the teeth(Usually on the inner side of the tooth). Often located on the tooth neck, but may spread to the crown and root. Plaque is formed when insufficient cleaning teeth, whether natural or artificial, and occurs not only on teeth but also on dental prosthesis.

    Feels like a stone is perceived as roughgrowth on the tooth. If the wide open mouth in front of a mirror in a room with good lighting, you can see the brownish-yellow plaque on the inside of the teeth (if not very advanced stage, when the plaque has not yet spread to the larger surface of the tooth).

    Why do I need to remove tartar?

    Plaque irritates the gums and canprovoke gingivitis (gum inflammation). In addition, plaque consists of not the most appetizing substances (dying epithelium, mucus, bacteria, food debris) and may be the cause of bad breath.

    How to remove tartar home

    Methods how to remove tartar home. Is it possible to?Not always when it detects tartar hasthe opportunity to go to the dental clinic, to say goodbye to him. Then enterprising citizens are turning to the people's councils and ask how to remove tartar home, old women-neighbors. Well if you are advised to buy expensive toothpaste anti-tartar. Most often in the course are recommendations to make lotions with hydrogen peroxide or take a "dental hook" and scrape off the unpleasant formation of a tooth.

    If you are seriously considering how to cure toothstone in your own kitchen, and how to remove the tartar is not a dentist, but at home, you should know that such a sure way exists. Except, perhaps, pliers - and probably forever, along with the teeth.
    Really and advertising, which says that toothpaste designed specifically against tartar, can save money, too, is lying?

    Toothpaste antitartar

    Advertising keeps back, or rather, says too much. Toothpaste, removes tartar - is a myth. Tartar can only be removed in the dentist's office professional tools. However toothpaste containing sodium pyrophosphate or potassium pyrophosphate, helps prevent tartar.

    Another agent, triclosan, - has a weak antibacterial effect, inhibits the appearance of microbial plaques. Thus indirectly prevents the formation of tartar.

    However, toothpastes prevent the formation of tartar only in those places where the brush gets. Gingival region is still at risk of becoming springboard for the build-up of tartar.

    Removal of dental laser stone

    Does tooth there are anti-tartar, really?Forget about tips on how to remove tartar with improvised means. Modern dentistry has a perfectly working method for the destruction of the laser tartar.

    In this procedure a dental laser beam atomizesstone into smaller parts, and the physician flushes it from the oral cavity by means of air and water. The laser beam does not damage the tooth enamel and can penetrate into the most inaccessible places tartar dislocation.

    Laser removal of stone - one of the fastest,painless and effective procedures. The process is not cheap, but now that the dental clinics are mushrooming in almost every city you can find a variety of stock and special offers to remove tartar.

    Preventing the emergence of tartar

    To avoid it is time to wonder how to treat dental calculus, better make sure that he did not appear.

    Prevention methods:

    • Twice daily brushing your teeth for three minutes.
    • Use dental floss.
    • Ensure that was solid food on the table.
    • Every six months to go to the dentist for a check.
    • If necessary, immediately to agree on a procedure of laser removal of dental stone.

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