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    Caries haunts most of the populationplanet, he spares neither old nor the adults, nor even infants. And all this despite the fact that dozens of doctors known effective treatments for dental caries, it is still not defeated. It is a well-known caries disease process of tooth decay. For most people, any hole in the tooth - a tooth decay, and doctors distinguish bottle, Cervical, deep and initial caries, tooth decay tooth neck and root. For each type of kaariesa developed its own approach to the treatment.

    Bottle tooth decay - it is the first in my lifeHuman dental disease. Kids love the sweet drink, and parents love to indulge children. When the baby consumes too much milk formula, breast milk or sweet drink, he develops a bottle tooth decay - a characteristic darkening of the front teeth. A reason for the destruction of the tooth is simple: if the baby is constantly eat food all the time in contact with the teeth, it falls on them with a permanent plaque and destroys tooth tissue. And so it formed the first cavities. To prevent it, you need to enter power mode, replace the usual sweet drink water, and as soon as the first teeth appear, begin to take care of them. Bottle tooth decay can lead to pulpitis and periodontitis. And when old enough, the child again and again faced with caries.

    Stages of tooth decay

    Options for tooth decayDuring caries distinguish four stages. Early tooth decay, tooth appears when a dark spot, but there is no toothache, and the affected tooth does not respond to the cold heat. The second stage is called superficial caries, when a spot appear first fracture. Middle caries is characterized by a destructive process that affects the part of the enamel and dentin. Finally, deep caries, it captures a large portion of the tooth.

    If dark spots appear in most gums, thenCervical caries is, he has his own special reasons. No matter how well a person is not brushed his teeth, brush to get into the space between the gum and the tooth, he can not, there needs professional reading of the mouth (it holds the dentist). Do not tighten with the treatment of cervical caries, otherwise it will spill over into the complicated forms of caries in which the dentist will have to clean the dentinal tubules.

    Radical caries makes itself felt pain in the tooth. Treat the root caries is possible only with the help of sealing, and then anesthetized as basal tooth area is very sensitive. Fissure caries called tooth loss in the fissure, that is in the center. The dentist removes the affected tissue and the tooth is sealed them.

    Then the patient can only hygienethe mouth and do not abuse the sweet. But is it so easy to refuse bad habits? As a result, a year or two there is decay under the filling. And if the seal over and over again to change, in a few years from the tooth, which have to drill, sooner or later, there is nothing left. Fortunately, today there are new ways to treat cavities that do not require drilling and filling. For example, laser treatment of dental caries. The laser removes the damaged tooth tissue, stimulates healthy. Strange as it may seem laser treatment, it eliminates the side effects such as headache, sores on the gums.

    Ozone Treatment of teeth - it is thatexperimental technology, but soon it will be available in every dental office. Ozone - a gas, which killed the most tenacious in the world of viruses and bacteria. If you enter into an aching tooth portion of this gas, then die all the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It can be safely put the seal, without fear of relapse, if not to abandon drilling.

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