burned by the sun


Do not burn in the sun

Perhaps the only way to ensureavoid sunburn - does not go out. In all other cases there is a risk of getting excessive dose of UV radiation. It happened not only in summer but also in spring and even in winter, for example in the ski resort. Dermatologists recommend year-round use cream with sun protectors and summer double protection.

burned by the sunThe day cream composition, which is usedsummer, certainly should include sunscreens. Of course, we are not talking about special facilities to protect against the sun beach, as we head into the office only, and not for a walk. If you are coming off and we are going to swim and sunbathe, do it without a special protective cream is like rubbing your face with a brick.

Who wants to own paint yourselfwrinkles and age spots? About the same, that excess sun exposure causes photoaging, today know almost everything. But Estheticians are often faced with the problem of sunburn when it is too late to treat: burn was - the burn healed. The fact that the human skin has the ability to "remember" all the events that had come to her share. The simplest example - the scars that remain after injury. Similarly, the skin remembers and microtrauma, resulting in burns. It just seems that sunburn disappear without a trace, in fact, we only expect the consequences.

Last year's burns, which seemed to be completelygone from the skin, be sure to have an effect in the following year. And if in early youth, this effect is not particularly pronounced, it becomes the older amateur tanning, the more noticeable are made all the old wrongs done to him by the sun. In those places where UV paced especially cruelly, there spots, dots and birthmarks. And if on the back and shoulders of these marks still tolerated, the appearance of the face can not fail to disappoint.

So, the damage that our skin gets,proportional to the time that we sunbathe. A quarter of an hour in the bright sun - limit the time for those who have just started to take a sun bath. If you do not follow this rule, the risk of burn increases with each passing minute. Under the influence of the sun, the skin loses elasticity and firmness, it is covered with wrinkles, and no good the body, this process does not work. What do you do when a terrible did happen?

Kefir and sour cream against sunburn

There are lots of recipes: every mother or grandmother smear their child with what she had been taught at home. Yogurt, kefir and sour cream - a classic of the genre. Will be interesting gadgets of raw potato juice and cucumber juice. It is believed that if the burned skin immediately apply grated potato, it will remove the pain and prevent blisters. Same with watermelon and cabbage. If burnt face smear egg yolk, allowed to dry, and then rinse with cool water, can also be partially remove the effects of solar frills.

Nevertheless, no matter smeared on the backsufferer experts in traditional medicine, one must firmly know: the symptoms can be removed, such as redness and pain, dry blisters, burns, but the effects will not pass ever. Everything that once happened with the skin, certainly will be felt, if not now, then in ten years is necessary.

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