The mechanism of felon and its complications


  • The mechanism of felon
  • Preventing complications

  • People who have had a felon, remember with fearsuffering that fell to their lot. Violent throbbing pain, comparable to a tooth, worse at night, tearing the soul and the body brings to the fact that sometimes the patient is ready to cut off your finger or the whole hand, just to alleviate their suffering.

    The mechanism of felon

    The mechanism of felon and its complicationsIn order to understand the mechanism of developmentfelon, you must submit a schematic structure of a finger. The outer layer of the finger - a skin fixed to it the nail plate. Deeper is a layer of subcutaneous fat, which in turn surrounds the tendon, flexion and extension of the finger. Central axis of the finger bones are, the mating joint (the joint - a connection between two bones, something like a hinge).

    Pathogenic microbes get into the tissue depthfinger if damaged skin (wound, abrasions, burns, corn, skin cracks, etc.). Any injury can cause the development of felon. Once the infection is implanted under the skin, the human body begins to fight it, and usually wins. But in some cases, the discussion of which is beyond the scope of this article, micro-organisms take root and begin to multiply, causing an inflammatory reaction.

    First, accumulated in the subcutaneous tissueedematous fluid, which then becomes purulent. It is necessary to imagine that besides the pus, which is located in the center of the inflammation area around there is always a zone of dead tissues that are damaged as a result of direct action of microbial toxins, and due to compression of tissue edema.

    If at this stage the competentsurgical care, the inflammation subsides quickly. Intervention should be not only in the "opening of an abscess." This vicious practice still takes place. Surgery should aim as much as possible to excise any dead tissue, while maintaining the integrity of major vascular and nerve trunks. The work is very fine, and not every surgeon has the proper equipment.

    Preventing complications

    If the patient does not seek medicalusing, or that aid is wrong, the disease progresses. The purulent process involved tendon (in fact, they start to rot), and then the bone base of a finger. In the end, the doctor has no choice but to amputate the finger as soon as all the tissues in it are killed. Fortunately, before this comes infrequently.

    What should be done so as not to bring tototal purulent lesions finger? First of all, you need to handle any damaged area on the finger skin. The wound or abrasion must be washed with any antiseptic, which is handy (3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, miramistin, furatsillin etc.). Anoint the wound with iodine or brilliant green. Somehow, it is believed that it is impossible Zelenka pouring into the wound - is nonsense. Nothing bad will not be on this, although the procedure painful.

    Close the damaged area with a clean bandage,better if the bandage is moistened with vodka or diluted alcohol. Absolutely can not use Vishnevsky ointment or salve ihtiolovaya! These funds are only sealed the wound, creating conditions for the rapid progression of the infection. Change the dressing 1-2 times per day. If after 2-3 days the pain does not subside, and are amplified and become a pulsating character if increases swelling and reddening of the skin - it is necessary to address to the surgeon. Each day of delay will result in the weighting process.

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