Elbow bursitis - disease of office workers


  • Most computer users - less husky
  • Causes, symptoms and prevention of elbow bursitis

  • Most computer users - less husky

    The number of office workers every yearincreases. Signs of an office worker: work at the computer and frequently - long working hours. With work in the office is often associated a variety of diseases. Well, who today do not know what computer people often suffer from dry eye syndrome, hemorrhoids and even a decrease in potency? The disease, which we want to tell you in this article also belongs to the occupational disease of office workers. It - elbow bursitis. How to recognize this disease, what causes it and how to prevent disease? Answers to all these questions in modern medicine there.

    Causes, symptoms and prevention of elbow bursitis

    Elbow bursitis - disease of office workersThus, the causes of elbow bursitisfollowing: working on the computer, we lean elbow on the edge of the table. Due to the constant long-term mechanical irritation occurs bursitis - inflammation of the synovial (joint) bags.

    What are the symptoms can understand that you haveIt deals precisely with elbow bursitis? Symptoms of this disease are: the elbow swells, "lit" red, aching; temperature may rise; joint function is moderately limited, but maintained that distinguishes bursitis arthritis.

    Preventive measures elbow bursitis:
    • Ergonomic organization of the workplace, allowing not rely elbow.
    • Wearing elbow pads (modern protection means quite noticeable under clothing).
    • Receiving preventive means containing herbs and vitamin C for the prophylaxis of joint disease.
    Performing these simple preventive measures will allow you to never find out what is bursitis elbow.

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