Hair loss test


    Hair loss, like hair growth - natural processes occurring from everyone without exception, the body changes old dead cells to new. There is also a norm that is 60-100 hair per day. If the hair loss is normal, it is not worth worrying, there will grow a new hair on the spot. But if the deviation from the norm is great, you should think about the treatment and conduct of special measures against hair loss.

    Take a test

    Spend a simple test on hair loss, Consider your fallen hair. If there is no dark bag on his tip, everything is in order. If there is, try three days not to wash your head, and then pull the hair bundle on the temples and on the top. If every time you do this experience, more than five hair remains in your hand, it should be recognized that hair loss has a specific pathology and treatment is required, so leave until the fashionable hairstyles and come across the hair health. The most important thing in this case is to determine the cause of hair loss.

    Causes of hair loss

    • Hair loss testHair loss due to lack of iron organism. Women often because of the monthly blood loss during critical days. In addition, many new-fashioned diets lead to a lack of iron. Signs of shortage: pale leather, weakness, drowsiness, lethargy. Confirm or disprove this cause of hair loss can conventional blood test. If this reason is confirmed, you should use more products containing iron, or special additives.
    • Hair loss and stress problem. You probably noticed that it costs how problems begin with hair. With single stress, hair loss quickly comes to normal, the leather vessels of the head are rapidly restored. But if such «workout» It is constantly, the vessels on the head narrowed so much that hair loss takes already a chronic character.
    • Hair loss often occurs due to various diseases. Diseases of thyroids, anemia, diabetes, inflammation of the lungs, ovarian polycystic diseases, an increase in adrenal glands, venereal diseases are really affected by the amount and quality of hair.
    • Hair loss as a drug reaction. Today, such drugs are known more than a hundred. These are contraceptives, high pressure pills, diuretic, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin. Look at the contraindications of accepted medicines, and if hair loss is indicated, consult your doctor how you can replace it.
    • Hair loss due to careless circulation. Painting, curling, curlers, hairdryer spoil hair, and if you can't refuse them, at least let's take a hair on vacation. Also not recommended to constantly wear wigs, shigns, overhead hair, tight braids and swelling, sample in the same place. Even hair masks can cause loss if the mask is chosen incorrectly or is not done in accordance with the instructions.
    • Hair loss often has traces of dietary supplements. Most often, this is noticed with additives containing selenium, as well as imported herbs in which many heavy metal.
    • Often during a climax, adolescence and pregnancy, hair loss occurs due to excess testosterone - male sex hormone. This is the most difficult case for which hormone therapy is possible. In any case, before making a decision about any serious hair treatment, especially medication, we advise you to talk with a specialist in the field of hair - trichologist.
    • Another cause of hair loss, which should be said separately - a violation of constant blood supply to the head vessels. This is facilitated by the frequent use of coffee, which as sharply expands and the vessels strongly narrows sharply. By the way, if brandy or liquor added in coffee, the strength of the joint negative effects on caffeine and alcohol hair increases sharply.

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