Traditional medicine against venous ulcers


  • About trophic ulcers
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of venous ulcers

  • About trophic ulcers

    Trophic ulcers - long-term healingdefective tissue with a tendency to recur, and sluggish flow. About three-quarters of trophic ulcers of the feet develop against varicose veins and inflammation. Patients complain of swelling of limbs, constant pain, worse after exercise and long distance. Get sick more often women in old age. A typical location - the lower part of the leg.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of venous ulcers

    Traditional medicine against venous ulcersFor the treatment of venous ulcers, traditional medicine recommends the following tools:

    • Alum burnt. In 100 g. warm water (boiled) pour burnt alum powder (a pinch). Stir well. Coat the swab dipped in a solution of alum, festering wounds, sores, open wounds, and others. Alum drain the wound, pull together it stops the blood and heal. Is mainly used for washing wounds.
    • Shilajit. 6-10 gr. mummy stir well to 100g. fresh liquid honey. Gauze impregnated with this composition and impose on the wound bandaged. Change once a day.
    • Resin-sap, coniferous trees. On the ulcer (wound) pour turpentine-resin bandage. Change every 2-3 days. Rinse the wound with alcohol and apply sap again. If the resin, oleoresin dry, then dissolved in 96% ethanol. To do so: the resin bust, lay in a glass jar or a bubble with wide bottom and neck. Pour 96% alcohol so that it covered the sap to 1 cm. Resin to soak in a few days. Its plaster on the wound or tampon.
    • Lungwort grass. Fresh powdered or crushed leaves is applied to purulent wounds, cuts, ulcers, or wash them with liquid infusion of herbs. Change the bandage twice a day.
    • Birch ash. 1 kg. birch ash sift and pour 10 liters of boiling water, wrapped, until it becomes warm, gently lower the leg or arm in this liquor for 30 minutes. If the wound is not convenient for the bath, then make compresses for 2 hours. Do twice per day. Within 2-3 weeks passes, any open wound. Lye cleans and dries the wound. After the ash wound rinse calendula tincture: 5-6 drops of tincture in 1 cup water holodnoykipyachenoy. To wash this lineup on a regular basis after the wound compress. Then bandage the place and after 2-3 hours again compresses.
    • Balm for ulcers. 100 gr. juniper tar, 2 egg yolk rub with 1 tablespoon of rose oil. Then they add 1 teaspoon of oil of turpentine, stirring all the time. Turpentine added gradually and stirring, and then the egg will curdle. When the egg, oil, and turpentine erased, then they add 100g. mozhzhevelogo tar stir well. A teaspoon to pour balm on the wounds and make a bandage. This is a great obezzzarazhivayuschee and healing wounds.
    • Fresh pounded wormwood herb (best May collection) is used as a disinfectant dressings hardhealed remedy for wounds and ulcers. 1 Change the bandage every day.
    • Propolis in a 5% tincture usedexternally with non-healing trophic ulcers of the legs. Sometimes drug concentration of propolis is increased to 10-15%. To prepare the ointment 500 g butter (unsalted) butter in an enamel saucepan, bring to a boil, remove from heat and put in hot oil 50 g peeled and crushed through a fine grater propolis. Create a homogenous mass by stirring the mixture for 30 minutes, until cool. Application: skin ulcers are treated with hydrogen peroxide, dried sterile tamponchikom, then on the damaged surface is applied for 1-2 days or doily tamponchik with this ointment. Ointment analgesic, promotes healing.

    These recipes can only be used in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Remember that if you do not cure the underlying disease that caused the ulcer, it arise again.

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