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  • What kind of attack?
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    Often, fear of surgery, the adults decide to handlewith their own misfortune: straighten hernia mechanical means, use the recipes of traditional medicine, and even go to the sorceress, to speak. Often thereby mommy and daddy only hurt crumbs.

    About hernia and its treatment of pediatric urologist says Chief Government Health Committee of Moscow, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Surgery, PhD Ludmila B. Menovschikov.

    What kind of attack?

    Hernia? Calmness, only calmness!It is often said that the child is "shouted" his herniaovertaxing or tummy causing it and formed. This is not true. Children, unlike adults, are always congenital hernia. And it happens in boys and girls alike, and quite often.

    Several types of hernias. But the two species are the most common: a hernia inguinal and umbilical hernia.

    Inguinal hernia is formed at the kid before itbirth. At a time when the sexual organs are laid. In girls uterus attached two first svyazochkah which hold it upright. Then they gradually begin to coalesce, forming the peritoneum - the tissue that surrounds the internal organs. When the time comes and the uterus descends to its "rightful" place the peritoneum can not stick together and forming process in the form of a bag, threw out his outward. The same thing happens in boys at lowering the testicles into the scrotum. In this case a hernia can occur either in the groin or in the scrotum.

    Umbilical hernia can be both boys and girls. Prenatal nutrition crumbs going through the vessels of the placenta and the umbilical ring. When after birth the umbilical cord is cut, it starts operating its own system of child circulation. On the edge of the rings are weak venous vessels, so it can not close immediately. If part of the peritoneum goes through this hollow space outward bulge is formed in the area of ​​the navel - umbilical hernia.

    How do you know that the baby hernia?

    Even if your baby has a congenital hernia, find her immediately after birth is not always possible. In some cases, it may not appear at all and eventually self-destruct.

    Inguinal hernia can be identified by a numbersigns. In the groin or scrotum (in males) appears asymmetry or protrusion. Sometimes shishechka can change its shape and size when the baby cries or stiffens, she increased in her eyes when the child is calm, is reduced. If the form is uncomplicated hernia, a child she does not deliver any discomfort. That is why parents usually do not want to see a doctor. Wait, that will disappear with time itself.

    If umbilical hernia bulge in size from a pea to a small apple is formed in the navel. If you press it with your finger, it can disappear for a while.


    The situation is much more dangerous, if there isjamming hernia. Through the so-called hernial ring in a pouch formed by the peritoneum, other organs fall. In boys it is often part of the intestine, the girls - ovaries. Entrapment can occur when the baby cries or strains. There is a very dangerous situation.

    If you pinched the intestine, a portion that gets intohernial sac, immediately turns blue. To it stops the flow of blood, blood vessels swell. This site is inflamed quickly, because more often than in the intestine is cal. Within 12-24 hours after pinching the portion of the intestine can be completely atrophy. In the upper part of the intestine, do not fall into the peritoneum, gradually accumulates food, because through the jammed portion can not pass on. The baby's tummy swells, gases do not depart, the chair stopped. Sharp pains tormented crumbs, he becomes restless, crying, running out legs. The most dangerous sign - vomiting.

    Girls, if the hernial sac in the ovary falls,jamming manifests differently. It overrides the tube that leads to the ovary, and it is gradually dying out. Blood flow stops to him, and the body becomes insensitive. The pain subsides, the baby calms down, and parents decide that you should not go to the doctor - all are passed itself. And often then, in step (it is still inevitable), ovary removed already dead.

    Pinching - the most difficult and dangerous form of hernia. Of course it can not be eliminated. Without urgent surgical intervention in this case can not do.

    What to do?

    Hernia? Calmness, only calmness!The main thing - do not panic if you notice the baby hernia. And the first thing to turn to primary care pediatrician or another doctor. He will tell you how to proceed.

    In inguinal hernia almost always need tosurgical intervention. But do not rush this. The operation is usually done after a baby 6 months, and sometimes even later - it will determine the surgeon. In some cases, simply peritoneum itself can grow together.

    If umbilical hernia operations have resorted to extremerarely, after a child is 6-7 years. Because the umbilical ring likely srastetsja with time. The best way to get rid of the hernia as quickly as possible - to strengthen the abdominal muscles of the child. To do this, to put it quite often on the abdomen and do a simple massage.

    In both forms of different grandmother herniarecipes are absolutely useless. No coppers and tight bandage applied to a hernia, pressing a finger, let alone wipe with vinegar, herbal infusions, the attraction of the magnet, and so on. D. Will not help. If you decide to turn to conspiracy quack, you know that these women are just happily use their life experience. There are cases that the inguinal hernia hernial (passage in the bag) are very narrow. Pinching in this case can not be, but the peritoneum is leaking fluid - various "juices" of the body. There is absolutely harmless dropsy.

    The wise woman, realizing that the baby is suchbenign form of the disease, say that began to speak hernia. After a while, when the edema goes away, grateful parents are happy that so successfully escaped the operation. Therefore, in order not to be deceived, consult with a specialist. It will determine which form of the disease in your crumbs.

    How is the operation

    If you still have baby inguinal hernia, requiringoperations, do not worry. It is very simple and takes little time. The whole procedure is pulling hernial ring. An experienced surgeon is doing this for 2-3 minutes. Anesthesia acts within 10-15 minutes. Inch scar from the incision.

    The operation was made when the child is somatically healthy (no colds) and if he has a good analysis. So, you know, do not worry.

    Much more difficult, if the kid pinched. In this case, as soon as the notice that the kid is worried, his sick, no stool, stomach ache, shape and size of the convexity does not change even when pressed, do not hesitate for a second. Immediately call "ambulance." In this situation, all relative contraindications to surgery. It should be done in any case. There is only one requirement: to be treated in the pediatric urologist, because the causes of hernias and surgical techniques are completely different.

    And then what?

    Surgery for hernia is so easy and workedsurgeons that often after the complications do not arise. Changes in minimum body. So the next day after surgery (sometimes 12 hours), you can not limit the baby in motion and to return home with him.

    It is only necessary to observe some rulespostoperative stay: do not shoot with sterile suture label, and if it comes off, to anoint the wound Zelenko and paste a new one (they are sold in pharmacies); within seven days, do not walk, to the baby stayed in a quiet, familiar and homelike atmosphere, next to the mother; the same seven days did not bathe crumbs - to heal seam.

    Now you know that is not a reason for herniaexcessive anxiety. The main thing when it is detected, seek medical advice immediately and not be afraid of the operation. It is not necessary to bring the situation to the limit, and thus provoke a dangerous jamming.

    Massage with umbilical hernia

    • Do light circular motion with his hand around the navel in a clockwise direction.
    • "Alarm bells" - the thumb apply to the navel and exercise vibrating motion.
    • Cover the palm area of ​​the navel and, lightly pressing, turn it clockwise.
    • Place the palm of your hand on both sides of the navel and move first left palm down, right up, and then vice versa.
    • Put a pinch of your fingers and press them in a circle from the umbilical ring.
    • Massage should be done before each feeding.

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