How to live after the operation


  • Questions and answers about the removal of the thyroid gland

  • Questions and answers about the removal of the thyroid gland

    According to statistics, the lion's share of thyroid disease in adults
    our population is nodular colloid goiter. This term
    mass unites various ailments ranging from nodes
    formed under the influence of certain factors, and ending with cancer
    thyroid gland.

    MD, head of the department of prevention and treatment
    iodine diseases Endocrinology Research Center
    Catherine A. Troshina tells how to live without the thyroid

    Catherine Troshina: Of course, to live without the thyroid gland can be, for
    there are methods to ensure that the patient is a normal quality
    life. A condition that people acquire after surgery, called
    hypothyroidism - that is, when the gland function decreased. Therefore, in the first
    Of all it is necessary to talk about substitution therapy, in other words
    appointment of hormones, which produces the body. The main of them -
    thyroxine. Take it as a medicinal dosage forms.

    And preparations should be drunk all the time?

    How to live after the operationET .:
    Yes, hormones have to take throughout their lives. acute administration
    in the morning on an empty stomach, one dose of the drug, which is normally calculated on the
    kilogram of body weight. It is important that people are held
    recommendations endocrinologist, not engaged in self-employed and
    namely drugs, not widespread today biologically
    active additives as fill than any other function deficiency
    thyroid simply impossible.

    Can a person with a remote thyroid for some time without hormones?

    ET .: If the thyroid gland completely removed, to live a more or less
    normally, not taking the medication, you can during the month. Then on
    Symptoms begin growing lack of thyroid function
    including the most unpleasant consequences. If the gland is removed partially,
    for example, one share, then the symptoms will still show up, but in a more
    obliterated, and the quality of life disturbed. Man to live, of course,
    will, but will get fat, any weakness, lethargy, constipation,
    increased cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis begins to progress, and
    all sooner or later lead to irreversible consequences,
    Specifically, disruption of cardiovascular activity.

    But many, Catherine A., afraid to take hormones ...

    ET .: When the thyroid gland, as they say, in place and functioning
    normally, it produces the same hormones that are assigned
    patient. So we should not be afraid of substitution treatment, and vice versa,
    uncompensated hypothyroidism: the consequences can be quite
    serious. If a person does not take a long time for any reason
    hormones, hypothyroid coma is not excluded, as the extreme manifestation
    a disease that can be fatal. Fortunately,
    such cases we meet rarely. It is much more common
    disorders of the cardiovascular system in patients with infertility
    uncompensated hypothyroidism.

    Hormonal drugs are expensive?

    ET .: In all countries, preparations for the treatment of hypothyroidism is often prescribed
    any other medications, indicating that the disease prevalence.
    They are in any drugstore and it is available: for example, the number of
    tablets, the patient required a month, at a price equal to two packs
    cigarettes, which lasts for another day smoker.

    But not everyone is ready for an operation on the thyroid gland removal. Besides
    addition, some, especially women, stops and the appearance of more
    postoperative suture.

    ET .: Of course, the seam is, but I can not say - that it disfigures
    neck. Modern technologies allow to make it virtually
    imperceptible. With regard to the operation ... Like any operative
    interference, it has risks. But if the case evidence, then,
    Of course, it should be carried out.

    And yet - when a person must decide on the operation?

    ET .: Indications for operation are always determined by the physician. Desirably,
    it was a qualified endocrinologist. But if there is
    doubt - not a secret, sometimes people do not trust a particular doctor -
    nothing prevents the patient to consult elsewhere, gather
    several opinions on the basis of their decision.

    At what number of nodes in the thyroid gland surgery is necessary?

    How to live after the operationET .:
    Even if there is one node, and it is more than 3 cm, it is an indication for
    operation. The fact that the neck is not much room, and components
    larger sizes are beginning to put pressure on nearby organs - trachea
    esophagus, making it difficult to breathe, swallow food. And, of course, there is no
    doubt need surgery when the tumor is found
    thyroid gland.

    If a benign node, colloid, small size, and
    the thyroid gland is working normally, with the operation should be postponed.
    However, when any node is obligatory procedure - needle biopsy,
    which will show how to proceed: either node can be treated with pills,
    or it should be removed or limited only to supervision.

    Often, units are so small that they are difficult to puncture. How to be?

    ET .: If the nodes less than 1 cm, they can only watch and Share
    iodine prophylaxis. By the way, a patient must
    consume iodized salt. If the node is greater than 1 cm, it is necessary
    puncturing, because even a small assembly may be cancer, wherein
    at normal background hormones. In the first place the result always comes out

    For example, removed one lobe of the thyroid gland, is it possible to host the appearance of the rest?

    ET .: Perhaps, in such situations, the patient is prescribed a combined
    preparations when in the drugs includes not only the thyroid hormones
    cancer, and iodine - a necessary amount. This combination will
    Protect the remaining share from the formation of the new node.

    A second operation is not excluded?

    ET .: Alas! Especially in those cases where the person was operated at
    non-core facility. Today, unfortunately, on the thyroid gland
    operate with all and sundry, for example, surgeons general practice. Sometimes
    operation is carried out not in full, relapse, and the man
    It lies on the operating table again.

    If you removed one lobe of the thyroid gland hormones are also necessary to take life?

    ET .: In most cases yes, but the dosage may be lower because
    the remainder of the gland continues to produce them. drench
    selected based on the results of analyzes.

    As far as the person is changed after the removal of the thyroid gland, which, for example, it happens to the character?

    ET .: As you know, in thyrotoxicosis (increased production of hormones)
    man - irritable, energetic. In hypothyroidism, on the contrary,
    passive, apathetic. Similarly, it will be after the operation without receiving
    replacement therapy. If you will take in adequate amounts
    drugs, with its character nothing happens.

    Man with remote thyroid should continue to be seen by an endocrinologist?

    ET .: Absolutely. This is necessary in order to control the dose
    drugs. Suffice it to appear once a year by a doctor,
    donate blood for hormones.

    Pathology of the thyroid gland often leads to various women's diseases. What you should pay attention in this case?

    How to live after the operationET .:
    Yes, women in pre-menopause and menopause often
    have thyroid problems. However, everything is interconnected. AT
    menopause often appear uterine fibroids, breast, because
    body are hyperplastic processes leading to the emergence of
    nodes, including the thyroid gland. This should be remembered, and if
    50-year-old woman has, for example, fibroids, it is necessary to do ultrasound of the thyroid
    gland to see if anything there has appeared.

    A removal of the thyroid gland can cause women's ailments?

    ET .: No, there should be more to talk about possible infertility. If
    young woman removed the thyroid gland, and she wants to have children, she
    should definitely take the drugs prescribed by the doctor,
    and do not stop taking them during pregnancy. During this period very
    it is important to be seen by an endocrinologist, then everything will be fine.

    Do you, Catherine A., any dietary restrictions after the removal of the thyroid gland?

    ET .: restrictions, as well as any specific or special diets
    No recommendations. The patient can eat normally. Lifestyle -
    too familiar.

    Folk remedies, such as herbal teas, or products may complement substitution treatment?

    ET .: If the thyroid gland is removed, the iodine-containing products,
    such as seaweed, are no help: no point of application of the
    iodine, which is contained in it. If the removed portion of the breast, then
    diet should be and cabbage, and seafood, and, of course,
    iodized salt. In some special herbal need
    no. But the famous bracing means from the arsenal of the People's
    Medicine does not hurt.

    Add people to a remote thyroid can sunbathe,
    of course, within reason. But in the presence of thermal units
    treatments, including physical therapy, to the neck better
    limit, for that matter, and sun exposure.

    Still, Catherine A., the human body is no extra bodies. It seems that the thyroid gland is not an exception?

    ET .: Of course! In principle, it is necessary to deal with the prevention of childhood
    thyroid disease. In the world is still in first place
    - The use of iodized salt. With the collapse of the Soviet Union we have,
    I was having problems with its production. And as a result - a surge
    diseases of the thyroid gland, which is observed today.

    So iodized salt on the table - a reliable guarantee that the
    your family, you reduce the risk of this disease. And to begin to worry about
    the thyroid gland is necessary, when it was still quite normal. In order to
    It does not appear the disease over time, which will be the subject of

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