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  • Pain in the right side
  • Pain in the right side of the abdomen
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  • Pain in the right side of the back

  • The pain - one of the most unpleasant symptoms,which always indicates trouble in the body. Perhaps the most diverse nature among all kinds of similar sensations are pain originating in the abdomen and back, or as more likely to say the patients, pain in the right side or the left side. Of course, this is not surprising, as in the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space is a significant part of the digestive system, the urinary organs, internal sexual organs, many nerve nodes and blood vessels.

    Pain in the right side

    Pain in the right sideIn most cases, localized painsensations coincides with the location of the problem structure, and hence pain in the right side of the bowl connected with the pathology of organs in this area. But sometimes the pain "cheating" and there is far from the "emergency" space spreads and gives the most unexpected points of the body. So the cause of pain in the right side of the abdomen, in the upper part, can become acute appendicitis, although the process is far from this place - right in the lower abdomen.

    By the nature of all pain, including painthe right side, can be strong, sharp, sudden pulling, dull, long, can grow over time or fade. Cramping often associated with sharp contractions of muscles of hollow organs, permanent - from the stretching of the outer shell of parenchymal structures and growing - more typical of inflammatory processes. Sharp stabbing pain occurs usually at break of the formation, perforation (perforation) of the body, sudden intraperitoneal bleeding or blockage of blood vessels. But whatever the nature were not painful, even minor, comparable with the usual severity, wherever there is pain in the right side or in the teeth, it should always alert the person and make do with their health.

    Pain in the right side is most often caused bydiseases of the liver, biliary tract, duodenum, head of pancreas, right kidney and ureter, ascending inflammation of the large intestine, cecum and appendix, diseases of female genital mutilation and other pathology. Let's examine the differences between the pain in his right side in these diseases.

    Pain in the right side of the abdomen

    Most often, pain in the right side of the abdomen associated with diseases of the genital organs of women and appendicitis.

    Ectopic pregnancy - A disease caused by abnormalthe development of the ovum outside the uterine cavity. In 99% of the embryo develops in the fallopian tube, causing it to stretch, thinning and rupture. At a time when the fertilized egg has not destroyed its receptacle, a woman worried about nagging dull pain in the lower abdomen, and it is natural that if an ectopic pregnancy develops in the right fallopian tube, then there is pain in the right side. During this period the most celebrated missed period, spotting the appearance of the genital tract and other subjective symptoms of pregnancy. Knife-sharp pain in his right side at the bottom, extending to the rectum, is characteristic of the rupture of the fallopian tube. In this case, the situation becomes critical and can lead to death as a result of women bleeding. "Acute abdomen" as doctors call this state always requires immediate first aid and emergency surgery.

    Inflammatory changes in the right fallopian tube manifests a constant pulling and dull(Chronic adnexitis) or acute and severe (acute right-adnexitis) pain in the right side, at the bottom of the anterior abdominal wall, close to the groin. Pain extends to the inner thighs, waist and crotch. Often, a woman observes the appearance of pus or muco-purulent discharge from the genital tract, and increased body temperature. In the formation of an abscess and rupture the feeling "dagger stroke" and a sharp deterioration in the patient due to the development pelvioperitonita.

    Sudden sharp pain in his right side, below, in the arrangement of the uterus, may be a symptom cyst or tumor torsion right ovary and fallopian tube. These situations also require urgent surgical treatment. When apoplexy (gap) of the ovary onset of pain often coincides with the middle of the menstrual cycle of a woman, in which case the strategy depends on the nature of the disease and the quantity of blood loss.

    Acute appendicitis at the beginning of its development, characterizedthe occurrence of pain in the right side of fuzzy localization. Often, the first pain appears in the right side in the upper abdomen, which then, as the disease progresses, descends into the right iliac region. In addition, the patient noted an increase in body temperature, often, vomiting and sharp tension of the abdominal muscles.

    Pain in the right side under the rib

    Pain in the right sidePain in the right upper quadrant can be caused by diseases of the liver, biliary system, the duodenum or the colon right angle.

    The most common causes of pain in the right sideunder the ribs are biliary dyskinesia and acute calculous cholecystitis. The similar nature of pain in these diseases served as the basis to unite them under the name of "hepatic colic." Sharp sudden sharp pain in his right side under the ribs occurs more frequently at night and is a consequence of hyperextension Biliary bile accumulates as a result of violation of its outflow into the intestine. Pain gives the right shoulder blade, shoulder and neck, spreads across the upper abdomen, accompanied by repeated vomiting and patient anxiety. With the passage of the stone and the normalization of the outflow of bile sharp pain suddenly stopped, it remains only a heaviness in the hypochondrium. In the case of acute cholecystitis with the accession of inflammation, in addition to the pain in his right side under the ribs, there is a fever, chills, weakness and other symptoms of intoxication.

    Dull constant pain in the right upper quadrant may be the result of liver capsule tension, while increasing the body as a result of inflammation, ie, hepatitis A. Typically, the disease is accompanied byjaundice, ie the appearance of a yellow tint of the skin and mucous membranes, indicating liver cell damage and blood enters the gall metabolic products.

    Pain in the right side under the ribs sometimes are a manifestation shingles - Inflammation of the spinal ganglia and the intercostalnerves caused by herpes infection. In this case accompanied by unpleasant sensations characteristic lesions on the skin surface along the nerve fibers in the form of bubbles, malaise and a slight fever.

    Pain in the right side of the back

    Pain in the right side of the abdomen and, simultaneously, the backoften associated with urologic diseases such as urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, kidney cancer, renal vascular thrombosis, renal tuberculosis, nephroptosis (kidney ptosis), hydronephrosis, and others.

    Acute sudden cramping pain in the sideback, developing as a result of blockage of the ureter stones, inflammatory masses, tubercular decay products of tissues or blood clot is called "Renal colic". Renal colic occurs in urologicalpatients after a heavy drinking, physical stress, and sometimes even in a state of complete rest. Violation of the outflow of urine leads to an increase in fluid pressure within the urinary tract, kidney edema, hyperinflation her richly innervated capsule, and as a result, to the emergence of symptoms. Naturally, pain in the right side of the rear right-sided lesions develop in the kidneys and often spread and move to the upper right part of the abdomen. Feelings are so harsh and unbearable that patients are torn and are looking for the most comfortable position of the body to relieve their condition. Over time, with the advancement of stone or clot the ureter, the pain migrates to the lower back and abdomen and begins to give in the area of ​​the bladder and sexual organs. A roll stone thrill suddenly stopped, replaced by a dull pain in the right side of the back, in the course of an injured right stone urinary tract. Renal colic is often accompanied by vomiting, frequent urination and fever.

    Right-hand glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis atacute course characterized by sudden onset and the growth of acute persistent pain in his right side on top of the back, and in chronic - permanent presence of blunt pulling pain. The examination revealed fever, edema, changes in urine and violation of urination. Sometimes the presence of impurities in the urine can observe the patient himself. When pyelonephritis it becomes turbid due to the presence of pus, and glomerulonephritis - painted in color "meat slops" because of the red blood cell impurities.

    It can be a long time to talk about what canbe caused by pain in the right side of the abdomen, from which there are pains in the right side of the back ... There are many diseases that can cause these unpleasant sensations. But only the doctor, carefully analyzed all manifestations of the disease, the causes of which may contribute to pain in his right side, the dynamics of the disease symptoms, and research data can make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment literate.

    The conclusion is clear: if you have a pain in the right side of the abdomen or back, and generally a pain anywhere in your body, you need as quickly as possible to see a specialist, rather than trying to deal with the problem on their own. Unfortunately, at times, to maintain health and life, the doctor is not enough a few minutes, the patient lost in empty thought and self-medication.

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