Treatment of torticollis in infants


  • Torticollis in infants and its causes
  • How is torticollis

  • Torticollis in infants and its causes

    Treatment of torticollis in infantsUsually at the wrong position turning headsattention is already in the hospital. Often forced position of the baby's head is associated with damage to one of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Patient muscle shortens, and the baby's head tilted to the side of the affected muscles and rotated in the direction of healthy.

    The reasons are many torticollis. For example, prolonged abnormal head position of the fetus in utero, congenital malformation (dysplasia) sternocleidomastoid muscle, compression of the neck of the child umbilical cord, causing ischemia (poor circulation) in utero or during labor, tears and tears of muscles in severe labor, cervical spine injury spinal and others.

    Most often torticollis in infants caused byincreased tone of sternocleidomastoid muscle as the one of the manifestations of neurological disorders that occur in a child as a result of oxygen starvation of the brain Complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

    Perhaps this is the most favorable form of torticollis -Fix it less painful for the child and with timely and effective treatment gives good results. A child with this diagnosis should always observe the neurologist and orthopedist.

    How is torticollis

    muscular torticollis Treatment should begin asIt can be used - from 2 weeks of age. Prolonged forced position of the head in an infant can cause asymmetric deformation of the face and skull, and later in life torticollis, left untreated, can lead to deformations of the face and the curvature of the spine (scoliosis).

    The best results can be achieved withcomplex treatment, which includes treatment position, massage and physiotherapy. If torticollis - the result of a common disease, and should be treated with it.

    Perhaps the doctor will prescribe your child physiotherapy. And, of course, the result of treatment depends largely on the active participation of parents in treatment.

    Massage with torticollis, for that matter, with any other disease, it is better to entrust the specialist.

    Treatment is necessary for the position as a passivestretching of the affected muscles, and to form the correct body schema, that is, to an incorrect position of the head was not familiar, is not perceived by the child as normal, natural.

    Treatment is carried constantly position: and if the baby is in the crib, and if you keep it on hand. In this form of treatment the role of parents is paramount. You do not replace anybody.

    The child must be based on a firm mattress withoutcushions. Under her head can put a folded several times a diaper. It is important to encourage turning of the head toward the affected muscles. To do this, you have to approach the child from sore muscles, there should also be put toys on the same side should be light. Child, watching what is happening in the room, unconsciously stretch the affected muscle.

    The head of the baby in the bed should be fixedin the correct position with the help of heavy canvas bags filled with, for example, salt, cotton-gauze "donut" or a cotton-gauze bandage with locking device armpit healthy side. Do not forget to check that the child's body was lying right symmetrically.

    If your baby spits up frequently, the proposedlaying can not be used! In this case, the child can be laid on its side. If your baby sleeps on the healthy side - without a pillow, if sick, then put his head under the pillow high.

    Apply the treatment position and when youwear baby in her arms. For this limit his cheek baby's head turn towards healthy muscles. If you like to wear your baby lying on his side - put it on the affected side, lifting his head to the healthy side of the hand.

    Of course, definitely need a dailycorrective set of exercises that will help you choose a specialist. And remember that a child who had endured torticollis at an early age, in need of constant supervision of doctors - orthopedists during the first few years after the diagnosis.

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